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Please note prerequisite learning is required on this course. It is open to all who have completed the first of our Auricular Acupuncture courses, a body acupuncture course or any auricular acupuncture course*

*courses must meet the criteria set out by the Microsystems Acupuncture NOS

Don't have the prerequisites? Combine them with this offer >
Please note prerequisite learning is required on this course.
Don't have the prerequisites? Combine them with this offer >

Auricular Acupuncture - Weight Management


Choose from either online only or online + 2 days in-person training

You will be given a step by step process to identify the underlying factors relevant to your clients, and the points to match to those factors, allowing you to create a bespoke protocol for your clients.

Online Only



Online Plus 1 Day at HQ



You will learn

  • The causal factors leading to weight change
  • The research relating to weight and health
  • More about BMI
  • The research into the use of auricular acupuncture as a weight management tool
  • How to speak with a client about managing their weight (and how not to)
  • Preferred methods of measuring weight change
  • Expectation management
  • Methods to identify the underlying causes of weight change
  • The auricular acupuncture points which may support your client as they manage their weight
  • Points which may be more specific to your client and their¬†experience of managing weight
  • A system of matching the points to the needs of your client
  • How to use a decision model¬†to identify the auricular acupuncture points most relevant to your client
  • a consultation card to match this innovative system
  • information cards to help your clients to identify and manipulate body acupuncture points, facilitating additional self-care support between treatments
  • a suggested clinic programme for you to offer to clients who seek to manage their weight
  • marketing words and materials to support your business
  • standardised methods of collecting data to show your effectiveness
1 Day In-Person

You will also have access to

  • 1 full day in-person training with¬†the experts in this specialist treatment
  • in-person practice with models
  • real time data collection to determine the issues faced by those joining us at our clinic
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Help clients with weight management 

"I lost two stone in two months having auricular acupuncture."

- Tori


The Plan


Weight management is complex. I have had to think carefully about how to cover it all.

The core of the learning is a weight management protocol. This will is applicable to most clients. You will also learn some other ear points relevant to the underlying factor causing weight issues. This might be hormones, or sleeplessness, or stress or something else from our list.

You learn them all and discover how to find out which of these causal factors are relevant to your client.

Thus, you have a logical, structured format, allowing you to create bespoke treatments for your client.

As you may expect, we include science and research and some suggestions for making this work in your clinic.

Weight management is first for many reasons, mainly, as soon as someone discovers I can ‚Äėdo acupuncture‚Äô they ask ‚Äėcan you do acupuncture for weight loss‚Äô.

They ask for themselves or on behalf of someone else.


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Help clients with weight management 

"I no longer have to numb my feelings with food."

- Tori


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