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Jennifer Young

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Offer Jennifer Young Skincare To Your Clients 

Wholesale accounts are for Spas, Salons, Therapists and similar businesses wishing to offer their customers Jennifer Young skincare. Use specialist skincare in your treatments, to alleviate the appearance-related side effects of treatment, increase your clients' comfort and deliver a memorable, tailored experience.


I want to offer Jennifer Young skincare to my clients and customers.

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I'm not a business owner or therapist. I want to order skincare for myself or a friend.

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Spa, Salon & Group Enrollment

Jennifer Young offers accredited qualifications to spa, spa groups, salons and clinics, at a competitive price, retail and professional products are included.

Salons, Clinics & Rooms

We offer a bespoke solution to smaller organisations. Groups of practitioners from the same organisation can access preferential rates for accredited training.

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Spas & Spa Groups

We offer a turnkey solution to allow professionals to welcome those affected by cancer. We offer you a bespoke solution, matched to your needs.

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"Soho House introduced Jennifer Young into the Cowshed spas in 2018.

We were conscious of the sensitive nature of working with those affected by cancer and the impact that could have upon our team. I was comforted and reassured by Jennifer’s deep level of knowledge, reassuringly combined with her careful consideration of our client demographic.

Jennifer, has an unparalleled ability to communicate complexity and detail in an accessible way, accommodating all learning styles and cultures.

It was a pleasure to work with Jennifer and her calm voice of authority. The Soho House team felt secure in her hands, as well as comforted by her position in the world of wellness, her academic achievements and her experiences prior to working in the spa industry."


Amie Jones Previous Global Head of Spas for Soho House


"I have worked alongside Jennifer for 5 years on the creation and promotion of a standard for touch therapies in cancer care (SATCC).

Jennifer is a trustee of our newly formed charity, SATCC, which has evolved to include a standard for menopause wellness, led by Jennifer.

Jennifer continues to be actively involved in the maintenance and development of the Standard for Cancer Care – a standard created to set a bar for wellness training providers."


Sue Harmsworth MBE Founder and Chair SATCC


Provide an experience your clients want to take home

We have always believed that as spas we need to deliver the whole journey for clients, which means everything from asking questions so we can tailor treatments to the individual, all the way through to offering the right home care that reminds them of the wonderful experience you've provided. 

Our training and education means that you can deliver safe, relaxing and enjoyable treatments to vulnerable clients, but then it's about feedback and after care. It's so important to finish that journey by retailing the products that meet client needs, focusing on their areas of concern and the products that help. 

We're all going to buy moisturisers and cleansers, so we want to make sure we are providing the products that are genuinely great for the client. It's an opportunity for you to provide a full experience and enhance your ongoing relationship with your customers.