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Learn from Jennifer Young, the recognised expert in oncology touch therapies
Jennifer Young is the recognised expert in oncology touch therapies and specialist skincare for cancer patients. Her name is trusted in the cancer community, as the creator of over 200 specialist skincare products to address the needs of those living with or beyond cancer. Her training can be seen in practice in spas and salons across the UK, as well as in Ireland, US, Brazil, the Middle East and Hong Kong.
Reach more potential clients
Upon successful completion of an oncology touch qualification, you have the opportunity to be added to our Spa & Therapist Finder. This is hosted on, our website dedicated to supporting the needs of cancer patients, with a monthly reach of approximately 250,000 people per month.
Welcome cancer patients and be insured to do so
Every therapist who has trained with us has been able to successfully gain insurance to welcome cancer patients to their salon and spa, and support their clients at the time when they need it the most.
Jennifer Young Training School certificate
Gain certification from The Jennifer Young Training School, the recognised expert in oncology touch therapies. Jennifer Young is a recognised name in the cancer community. She is also a board member of the Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care, the Federation of Holistic Therapists' 2021 Tutor of the Year, the first ever winner of Avon's Beauty Accelerator Award and is listed as one of Professional Beauty's 2020 Top 100 Industry Influencers.
Engaging content to build your knowledge and confidence
Learn through comprehensive, engaging training which not only teaches you extensive theory and practical knowledge, but also teaches you to feel comfortable and confident welcoming cancer patients appropriately and professionally. Feel as though you're in the classroom with Jennifer, as you complete your training at your own pace, from any location.
Treatment demonstrations and practical training
In addition to theory training, learn through practical training and treatment demonstrations. Training is delivered by Jennifer through a variety of engaging methods, such as workbooks and videos, so that you actively absorb information, as though you were in a classroom.
One-on-one sessions with your course tutor
For each postgraduate diploma, you will have four live online sessions with your tutor, to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident, and that you take away the knowledge required to welcome cancer patients to your salon.
Guidance and support at every stage
Ahead of your case study assessments, you are able to book a question and answer session with your course tutor. Our lovely tutors will be able to assist with any questions you may have and make sure that you feel prepared and comfortable.