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Postgraduate Diploma

Therapeutic Oncology Massage

Accredited  21 CPD Points

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Therapeutic Oncology Massage


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Recommended for qualified therapists who want to provide the next generation of oncology body treatments to those affected by cancer.

Suitable for practitioners who offer their services from a room, clinic, spa or in a healthcare setting.

During this qualification learners will

  • gain a basic understanding of the biology of cancer, its treatments, side-effects and associated conditions and the ways in which these change practice
  • list the evidence-based benefits of touch treatments for those living with and beyond cancer
  • gain an appreciation of the main cancer treatments as well as the more recent advances in treatment and, more importantly, understand how these impact the work of a therapist
  • be shown how to conduct a non-invasive, largely visual consultation which gives practitioners all of the information needed in order to adapt this specialist massage to the needs of their client
  • discover the ways in which a consultation can be used to identify the client’s main emotional and physical concerns
  • match those concerns to specific acupressure points, chosen to help in the management of the issues specific to the client
  • be given a full body massage routine which covers, back, legs, arms, upper chest, head, scalp and neck, including acupressure points linked to the main categories of concerns faced by those affected by cancer
  • learn how to adapt the routine so that it is appropriate for the needs of each individual client
  • apply acupressure plasters to the points identified as being powerful for your client during the initial consultation
  • match these needs to oils blended with the specific needs of your client in mind
  • appreciate the need for proper record keeping
  • be shown the ways in which practitioners can empower clients by their words and actions
  • further empower clients by providing take home lifestyle prescription cards showing them how to find the points which help them most
  • practice various communication techniques and identify those to which different clients will respond best
  • look after their needs as a therapist alongside the needs of the client


Theory - Learners are assessed via verbal and/or written question and answers

Practical - Learners are required to complete a pre-case study assessment. This assessment is carried out by one of the Jennifer Young tutors in a live online session.

Course Summary

Become qualified to offer massage for cancer patients in your salon, spa, clinic or rooms. This qualification is delivered online and can be completed at your convenience, to suit your schedule.

A therapeutic body massage harnessing the power of evidence-based complementary techniques. Identifying your well-being concern, your therapist will select the appropriate well-being therapeutic body oil for your treatment whilst using specialist techniques, gentle acupressure and soothing massage to make this a deeply relaxing experience. Acupressure plasters are applied on specific areas to enhance the benefits of the treatment and alleviate concerns further and to continue your relaxation journey.

This is a certified course accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Upon successful completion, you will be able to welcome cancer patients to your spa or practice for Oncology Body Massages. You will be insured to do so, without requiring medical consent.


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