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Hear from a cancer patient - Meet Vicky

client and therapist Oct 23, 2020

We hear so many stories over here at the Jennifer Young Training School of cancer patients being turned away from spas and salons as some therapists don't have the knowledge to treat them safely and effectively. It breaks our heart. Our mission is to educate as many people as we can so the industry becomes a more inclusive and inviting place for those suffering with cancer. 

Oncology Massage treatments can help with so much more than relaxation. But don't just take our word for it. In the video above, Vicky gives her account of how a Jennifer Young Treatment helped her feel "cocooned and pampered". 

Vicky does some incredible work in the cancer community, she is the founder of True Cancer Bodies, as well as being a busy mum and business owner, all this while having being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She is an all-round superhero. 

Being able to give help in any way to people like Vicky is why we do what we do. To some its just a massage, to some it is...

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Our first online qualified Reflexologist is here - Say hello to Victoria...

client and therapist Oct 16, 2020

We have had so many therapists join our Jennifer Young Training School family since our Postgraduate Diplomas have moved online. Our learning has never been more comprehensive and accessible. 

Victoria noticed this and decided to expand her treatment offerings and took our Oncology Reflexology Postgraduate Diploma online course. 

After beginning her career as a professional makeup artist in the music video industry, Victoria has always been inclusive of cancer patients in her work. She taught oncology patients how to create brows and lashes using makeup, and then expanded her involvement through her aromatherapy and beauty therapy qualifications. As well as this, she has worked closely with a breast cancer charity for 10 years, holding workshops and private therapies. A busy lady indeed. 

Victoria chose to train with the Jennifer Young Training School "because the course looked to be exactly what I needed, not just practical training but the extra parts of the course...

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Meet our first online qualified therapists - aren't they wonderful?

client and therapist Oct 02, 2020

Meet Emma (left) and Sam (right) - they persevered in the face of a pandemic and gained their Jennifer Young Postgraduate Diplomas. 

Meet Emma Pymm

Earlier this week Emma finished her online training and became Jennifer Young’s first fully online qualified therapist (well there are two of them – you’ll meet Sam next week)

Emma took our Oncology Massage and Balanced Body and Mind courses and passed with flying colours.
When looking back at her time on the course, Emma said “I am really privileged to think that I am one of the first on line trained oncology therapists, how exciting! I have found the training to be excellent from start to finish, with constant support when needed. It was a bit daunting to begin with being assessed via Zoom, but the Jennifer Young tutor put me very much at ease each time and gave me good constructive feedback.”

"I know so many people that have been affected by cancer personally and always...

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Have beauty brands let us down?

client and therapist Sep 29, 2020

How much did you know about risk assessment and control of cross infection before March 2020? 

If the answer is 'not as much as I do now' why is that? 

In this short video I reflect on my learnings as a student of beauty and holistic therapies and wonder if I deserved to be taught more. Control of cross infection is fundamental to our practice and has been ingrained in us since day 1. We just haven't been told that it is. 

Our touch therapy training includes many control measures that allow us to work with the immunocompromised. 

I am aware that haven't labelled the control measures, I have taught the routines that include them but not been explicit about their purpose. Other brands have done (or not done) the same - should we have done more?

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Informed consent for touch treatments for cancer patients

client and therapist Sep 29, 2020

Jennifer Young and insurer Alison Livings discuss informed consent, empowerment of cancer patients and dynamic risk assessment.

We are taught not to touch cancer patients. 

Specialist Training gives us the skills to work with those affected by cancer but we still have to demonstrate an understanding of the risks as well as an ability to explain them to the client. Informed consent allows the client to make a decision about if they wish to proceed with a treatment or not, if not, they may seek medical consent. A therapist cannot facilitate informed consent unless that have a good understanding of the medical condition with which the client presents and the impact that a treatment may have upon it.

Add dynamic risk assessment into the mix and it all gets a bit overwhelming.

Jennifer and Alison navigate a way through the jargon and the complexity (in a minute and a half).


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Jennifer Young’s specialist treatments and natural products reverse radiotherapy side-effects

client and therapist Sep 18, 2020

“Betty experienced facial flushing and heat whilst going through treatment.”

*Betty, 61, from London was in the middle of radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer when she agreed to be a case study for one of our Jennifer Young therapists, Lisa. Betty experienced hair, lash and nail loss as a consequence of cancer treatments. She was delighted to have a specialist oncology massage, and enjoy some nourishing relaxation thanks to Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young’s natural and organic products. Lisa used Jennifer Young’s adapted cancer massage light touch technique, and made Betty feel truly nourished and gorgeous.

Because of Betty’s positive experience with the specialist oncology massage, she immediately organised to return for more treatments after radiotherapy. Betty enjoyed a Jennifer Young rejuvenating facial treatment with the Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil, and a hand and nail treatment using the Defiant Beauty Nail Oil...

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