What can I say to reassure my clients that an oncology massage treatment is safe for them? 

client and therapist Nov 20, 2020

One of the main things we aim to do over here at the Jennifer Young Training School is to dispel the myths that cancer patients cannot have massage treatments. It's just simply not true - as long as your therapist is trained properly. 

By joining the Jennifer Young touch therapy courses, you can learn how to safely and effectively treat cancer patients in your spa, salon or treatment rooms. 

Understandably, your potential client might still be hesitant - after all, they've always been told to stay away from massages. How can you help to reassure them that they are in safe and caring hands with a Jennifer Young Treatment?

1. We are the experts

Jennifer Young Training School is the leading in specialist oncology massage in the UK. We have heard from so many people that they have been turned away from receiving massage treatments, because therapists or spas are unsure of how to provide cancer patients with a safe massage. Having a specialist oncology massage with a Jennifer Young-trained therapist is the exact opposite. Our specialist massage treatments are designed specifically for those affected by cancer. Therapists learn adapted massage techniques including a light touch while being trained by our esteemed tutors.

2. Our therapists are trained to make your experience ‘normal’

We want you to have the opportunity to enjoy a safe, nourishing treatment without pressure to discuss your diagnosis or medical history regarding cancer, unless you want to. Our therapists are aware of the side effects of cancer treatments and are trained to meet your needs as a client using adapted massage techniques, able to focus on areas you want extra attention given to, and avoid areas that you feel are sensitive- without need for explanation. 

“As a year post breast cancer recovery, this was the first pamper I have had. Debbie was lovely and professional, explaining and making me feel at ease as I could ask any questions I had.” 

3. Treatments can enhance well being and aid relaxation, making you feel more confident and less anxious

A combination of soothing, nourishing natural and organic products, and light touch massage techniques makes for a deeply relaxing, enriching massage experience with Jennifer Young-trained oncology massage therapists. But don’t just take our word for it... “I have had very bad anxiety but this treatment has made me feel very relaxed- highly recommend this.” "The treatment was truly amazing. I'd been feeling really low recently and this did me the world of good so I can't thank you enough." “Re-energised and enthusiastic about the rest of my day. Enjoyed the smell of the oils.” “I have chilled out completely. This was a lovely, and deeply relaxing experience.”

4. You are in safe hands. Anyone qualified with us will be accredited and insured

All therapists who have taken postgraduate oncology massage courses with the Jennifer Young Training School will be insured to provide these nourishing treatments specifically to those affected by cancer. All courses that therapists will have taken with the Jennifer Young Training School are also accredited by professional body FHT, as well as select courses being additionally being accredited by ThinkTree.

5. Oncology massage treatments reduce treatment side-effects: our clients see real improvements

Adapted touch therapies and oncology massage reduce the physical side-effects associated with treatments for cancer, like radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Our clients have reported that their aches and pains are relieved by regular oncology massage treatments, and both clients and therapists report noticeable improvements in the appearance of skin conditions and client well being. “Since the cancer massage, the pain I have felt in my upper back has gone, and hasn’t come back.” “Even after one treatment there was a huge difference in skin texture and condition.” “Looking forward to a good night’s sleep!” 

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