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Meet Nuno - we talk oncology massage training, skincare and projecting positive energy

client and therapist Nov 13, 2020

We are embracing Men's Health Awareness Month over here at Jennifer Young. As well as some fantastic blogs and promotions over on Beauty Despite Cancer, we've been getting in touch with our male therapists to get their perspective on the beauty and wellness industry, and why their involvement is just as important as everyone else's. 

First up, we spoke to Nuno, a Jennifer Young Qualified therapist and one of our expert tutors in training.

Keep reading to get to know Nuno...

Hello Nuno, tell us about yourself?

My name is Nuno Gois, I am a Portuguese National, have worked/ lived in the UK since 1996 and I am the owner of Nuno Gois Therapies focused on helping others heal through their challenges. I offer Reiki Energy Healing, JY Oncology Face and Body Treatments, Massage and Advanced Skincare. 

How did you come across Jennifer Young Training?

The first time I met Jennifer Young was by attending one of her courses whilst in employment with Cowshed-Selfridges. I instantly clicked with her passion for helping people, and decided to pursue the cause alongside her. 

With your own therapy practice, you must be doing very well for yourself, but how did you get started in the industry?

Long story short, I had a "nervous breakthrough" 7 years ago and after spending 3 months in my village away from my day to day life. I was inspired to pursue a career helping others heal through their challenges. Upon my return to London I re-trained from scratch in Beauty, Massage, Reiki Energy Healing.

How has training with Jennifer Young changed your business? Why is it important that you are able to welcome cancer patients?

Since completing my Postgraduate Diploma in Jennifer Young Face and Body Oncology treatments, my mindset changed, my willingness to help others heal grew exponentially to attract further clients. 

In this case cancer patients were reaching out because there wasn't  much on offer that was dedicated and tailored for them while undergoing treatment as well as post-treatment. Being able to welcome all those that were being turned away from other businesses gave me an unique perspective. Everyone deserves and is entitled to receive touch therapies. All you need is the correct Accredited Professional Development and Training and the world is your oyster.

That is incredible. What was the single most important thing you learned at the Jennifer Young Training School?

To not have fear. No matter what any cancer patient is going through, I am empowered to reach out and make them feel better about themselves even if only for the duration of a treatment. Why may you ask? Because that positive memory can be so beneficial in giving them hope, strength to keep going and to stay positive about the now and the future. 

 And what happened after you were able to welcome cancer patients into your practice

I have many stories, which wont fit on this blog posting. The most common "story" I get is when receiving an enquiry about booking a Reiki Energy Healing Treatment.

I always do a small telephone consultation just to gather the most "specific details" about a client's journey and intention and through the conversation cancer pops up. I simply smile and advise them they are welcome to book a treatment with me.

I absolutely love the instant response, "Really?" or  "Are you sure this is possible?" or "I was just told by someone else that I cant have treatments". I reassure them that I am Certified, Verified and Insured as well as part of the FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register.

This is pure joy for me to make this person's day/week/month/year by booking them to receive a Jennifer Young Oncology treatment appointment.

Do you use Jennifer Young products yourself? Which is your favourite?

This is cheating ! I can't pick just one... Ok here we go: Healing Hand Balm, Nail Oil, Cool and Refresh (super refreshing in summer and a great pick me up when energy levels drop in the afternoon), all the serums and Itchy Skin Oil (it helps me when I get an Eczema flare up on my scalp).

What's your opinion, do you think it is important for men, as well as women, to look after their skin during cancer? 

Skincare should be part of any human being's daily practice, either if you are a male or a female. I often teach clients that a skincare routine is not sufficient when an issue presents itself. Skincare should be a ritual all the time. 

Doing a skincare routine whilst in treatment, is something I educate as part of daily self care routine and self love to either start or finish the day creating and boosting positive vibrations to wellbeing. Doesn't everyone smile when they look in the mirror and their skin is glowing and properly hydrated? We know we do!

You can keep up with Nuno here:

Facebook: @nunogoistherapies

Instagram: @nunogoistherapies



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