I felt wretched

chemotherapy client and therapist Mar 08, 2021

It has long been our aim to help you to welcome those affected by cancer to your spa, clinic, rooms and salons.

We know we don’t like turning folk away – we didn’t become therapists to discriminate and we want to help those who probably need it more than most.

We appreciate that we, the colleges, the insurers and non-specialist brands have little choice, if we don’t have the specialist qualification; but can we really appreciate the harm we do by turning folk away?

Debbie helps to give us an understanding of being on the receiving end of the policy. I’m sure you don’t want this to be the lasting memory a client has of visiting your premises.

There is no longer an excuse for not being able to welcome all – we have been offering specialist training for an age.

Therapists who turn cancer patients away are now making a choice to do so.

Is there really a justifiable reason for treating people the way that Debbie was treated?

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