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Our first online qualified Reflexologist is here - Say hello to Victoria...

client and therapist Oct 16, 2020

We have had so many therapists join our Jennifer Young Training School family since our Postgraduate Diplomas have moved online. Our learning has never been more comprehensive and accessible. 

Victoria noticed this and decided to expand her treatment offerings and took our Oncology Reflexology Postgraduate Diploma online course. 

After beginning her career as a professional makeup artist in the music video industry, Victoria has always been inclusive of cancer patients in her work. She taught oncology patients how to create brows and lashes using makeup, and then expanded her involvement through her aromatherapy and beauty therapy qualifications. As well as this, she has worked closely with a breast cancer charity for 10 years, holding workshops and private therapies. A busy lady indeed. 

Victoria chose to train with the Jennifer Young Training School "because the course looked to be exactly what I needed, not just practical training but the extra parts of the course covering cancer awareness. Despite 23 years of experience extra knowledge at this level in truly valuable."

"Online training tends to be looked down on for advanced training, but this course was packed with information, was really well written, easy to work with and I really enjoyed it. Presentations are clear, precise, a great mix of written and video and a really high standard. I found it quite painless!" We couldn't ask for better praise.

After juggling her makeup and therapy careers side by side for so long, Victoria's schedule became so packed, she made a big choice to make - "Eventually I had so many clients I had to make a decision, and not wanting to be on set in a field at 3am in the rain anymore, I opened a salon. I spent 10 years growing the business and building my reputation for holistic therapies. I now divide my time between teaching my short courses, treatments for private clients and in my studio teaching meditation, Qi Gong and plant medicine ceremonies."

With her new-found Oncology Reflexology qualification, Victoria is able to offer her clients more specialised treatments to tailor to their needs. "They come to find space, peace and a place to be themselves with someone who has a therapeutic based understanding of their health issues. They can enjoy the usual therapy studio experience with bespoke treatments that means that their health is not an issue," Victoria said when asked what cancer patients can gain from visiting her treatment rooms. 

You can find Victoria at www.relaxattheretreat.co.uk and also on:
Instagram - @theretreatuk
Facebook - Relax at the Retreat

We'll leave you with some lovely words from Victoria - "My whole ethos is based around empowering people to take charge of their own wellbeing." That's what we like to hear. 


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