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Meet our first online qualified therapists - aren't they wonderful?

client and therapist Oct 02, 2020

Meet Emma (left) and Sam (right) - they persevered in the face of a pandemic and gained their Jennifer Young Postgraduate Diplomas. 

Meet Emma Pymm

Earlier this week Emma finished her online training and became Jennifer Young’s first fully online qualified therapist (well there are two of them – you’ll meet Sam next week)

Emma took our Oncology Massage and Balanced Body and Mind courses and passed with flying colours.
When looking back at her time on the course, Emma said “I am really privileged to think that I am one of the first on line trained oncology therapists, how exciting! I have found the training to be excellent from start to finish, with constant support when needed. It was a bit daunting to begin with being assessed via Zoom, but the Jennifer Young tutor put me very much at ease each time and gave me good constructive feedback.”

"I know so many people that have been affected by cancer personally and always wanted to help them in their time of need but could never give them treatments. Jennifer Young is the most well known training for people with cancer and the fact that there are specially formulated products to accompany the treatments. Being able to complete the training remotely over lockdown was an added bonus."

With her new found qualification, Emma is in the process of setting up her new business, Tylino Therapies. She previously worked at Ragdale Hall, in her local college, and taught beauty and media make-up for 18 years.

You can find Emma working at Northgate Well-Being in Oakham on Mondays, and from Melton Wellness House on Fridays. She is also available for mobile appointments around Melton, Oakham, Leicester, Nottingham, Stamford, Loughborough and everywhere in between.

Take a look at what she’s up to here:
Instagram - @tylinotherapies
Facebook – Tylino Therapies

Meet Sam Foulkes

Sam joined us on our Oncology Massage and Balanced Body and Mind courses - she worked hard and impressed our tutor, and just like that she joined the Jennifer Young Training family. 

With 26 years of experience covering a number of different therapies, when four of Sam's clients were diagnosed with cancer this year, she knew she wanted to expand her treatment range to be more inclusive towards those with cancer. 

Sam said "If I didn’t do the course then the cancer patients wouldn’t be able to visit and feel good about themselves. It motivated me to do the training to help cancer clients with the Jennifer Young Training School. I just love seeing my clients sparkle and smile when they leave my beauty cabin. It makes what I do the best job anyone could ask for."

"I hope cancer clients will be able to focus more on their wellbeing by receiving treatments from me in my Beauty Cabin. It is a relaxing experience and I hope to help them feel better about themselves by reassuring them that by participating in the Jennifer Young Oncology Course a specialised training school they will be getting the best and most positive treatment possible. With my 26 year experience in the beauty industry helping hundreds of people get through their daily lives by offering bespoke treatments and making the cabin a friendly atmosphere."

Covering Fife and Tayside in Scotland, Sam's Beauty Cabin is nestled in a idyllic peaceful village, adding to the relaxing experience she wants to share with her clients. 

Alongside her ability to offer massage for cancer patients, Sam is also offering 50% off her Oncology Massage treatments throughout October, with all proceeds going to a fundraiser one of her clients is organising for Macmillan. 

Reflecting on her time with the Jennifer Young Training School, Sam said "The training was good and informative and I learned a lot. I felt comfortable with tutor. I would recommend Jennifer Young as they were always quick to answer any questions I asked and was concerned about."

You can keep up with Sam at www.sbsalon.co.uk or over on Facebook at SB Therapy.


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