Infection Control Discrimination - The Reaction

newsletter Oct 08, 2020

I’ve been listening and learning – would you like to know more?
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the discrimination quandary posted  last week. I had no idea it was so controversial – my world is very black and white, if you will pardon the pun.
Responses ranged from the outraged, to the indifferent (everyone has a right to decide) to questions about the real reason for the refusal to accept a treatment from a black therapist. I should have said that these therapists have a Harley Street Clinic and are in no way taking chances with infection control (they have done my training – they are all over infection control).
My video learning has continued this week as I have interviewed some of the charities and support groups who have kindly agreed to help us to distribute our ten thousand gifts.
It has been a  joyous and a challenging week – there have been many happy stories and some heart breaking tales.
Take a look at the video for moment of insight into the ‘other side’ of the best intentions of the world of wellness.

We can help you to welcome those affected by cancer. Few things make us happier. Qualified therapists are welcome to join our accredited qualifications. You will have access to the learning materials as soon as you join the course.
Our first qualified therapists to complete their courses online have enjoyed the experience but not as much as they are enjoying getting their hands on those affected by cancer.
The good you can do is tangible and very much needed.
Sending insight and action,



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