Control of Cross Infection in the Post COVID-19 World

A free, accredited and certified qualification for therapists working in spas, salons and clinics, providing practical support and guidelines for cross infection control when treating vulnerable clients in a post-Covid world.

Jennifer Young’s free Control of Cross Infection in the Post COVID-19 World is a certified qualification designed to give spa therapists, beauty practitioners and healthcare workers the understanding, knowledge and confidence to provide spa treatments to vulnerable clients, including those going through the different stages of cancer, in the wake of Covid-19.

The course will give you an understanding of the legal requirements and best practice procedures in order to protect you and your clients and to help control cross infection. The course with the Jennifer Young Training School is a combination of online learning and assessments. Through it, you will learn about Coronavirus and how it spreads, what the law says and how it applies to you, doing risk assessments, hygiene and sterilisation protocols for equipment and treatment spaces as well as personal hygiene, what when and how to use PPE, procedures for treatments on different areas of the body, identifying vulnerable clients and, for management and identifying vulnerable therapists.

The purpose of the course is to make sure you and your clients feel safe and confident in the treatments that are being given and received at all times.

The course includes:

  • Accredited and certified learning
    Online training - delivered by Jennifer Young a recognised expert in occupational health
  • Learn how to control cross infection
  • Understand the legal requirements and best practice



For therapists and others working in spa, salon, clinics and more

What you'll get:

Accredited & Certified Learning

Online training - delivered by Jennifer Young a recognised expert in occupational health

Learn how to control cross infection

Understand Legal requirements and best practice

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return to work with confidence 

'Thank you for giving up your time and expertise to pull this together Jennifer. Its very much appreciated. Definitely worth attending and given me the confidence to do treatments again'

'Feel more in control now and have the tools an knowledge to be able to manage risks concerning coronavirus and control cross infection'

learn with the experts

Thank you so much for developing this course. For me (someone with little self confidence), this has made me feel so much happier and confident in my ability to return to practise with all of the relevant documentation, policies and procedures. Honestly I can't say how great it was :-)

'Clarified what we're facing and how to keep us and clients safe.'


Course Summary

More about Control of Cross Infection in a Post-Covid World - Professional Standards of Hygiene

Jennifer Young, founder of, has been teaching enhanced hygiene standards for decades. She brought professional oncology touch therapy qualifications and specialist skincare for cancer patients to the beauty and holistic world.

Prior to joining the spa community, Jennifer was responsible for enforcing the law regarding control of cross infection. During her time working for the organisation that writes and upholds the law governing infection control, Jennifer added post-graduate qualifications in Occupational Health and Law to her first degree in Biology.  Working internationally, she has helped global organisations to protect their teams as well as their clients.

It is time for the spa industry to recognise the need for increased hygiene standards in the Post-Covid World. Jennifer Young has created an online accredited, assessed and certified qualification for spa, holistic and beauty therapists. The training is freely available to all – there is no cost for the training or the certification. The Jennifer Young Control of Cross Infection in a Post COVID-19 World certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course.

The qualification logo will be made available to certificate holders to display online and in spa to reassure all that enhanced control measures are in place and are monitored.

The Jennifer Young Post Graduate Diplomas in Oncology Touch Therapies have hygiene standards at their heart.  Jennifer believes that everyone deserves these higher standards of infection control. She is delighted to be able to share her expertise so that you can give your clients what should be their right.

Therapists and spa managers are asked to complete four parts of The Jennifer Young Control of Cross Infection in the Post COVID-19 World Qualification. 


All levels require students to complete an online questionnaire. A certificate is awarded on successful completion of all levels. You will be given an Infection Control Qualified Logo to use on your website. You will also be offered the opportunity to purchase one of our Infection Control Qualified Logo Window Stickers.

Part 1 – Understand Coronavirus and COVID 19

You  learn about Coronavirus, transmission, COVID-19 and ways in which the virus is vulnerable. The course materials include practical advice on laundry, hygiene, cleaning and cleaning materials.

Level 2 – The Law

Therapists are taught how to research and interpret legal requirements and apply them to infection control within their workplace. Delegates are shown how to structure, record and convey  decisions made with regard to control of cross infection.

Level 3  - Risk Assessment

This part of the accredited certification makes risk assessment a lot less scary and significantly more logical. It is easy to carry out a risk assessment and to control risks when you know how.
Jennifer Young takes you by the hand and leads you through a risk assessment process. Upon completion of this section you are a risk assessment ninja.

You are given risk assessment documents and cheat sheets. You will find yourself talking risk assessment to your friends and will be overjoyed by your new found clarity.

Level 4 – Your Risk Assessment

Part 4 of this online training provides a gentle reminder of that which we should all be doing and encourages you to think about additional steps required in your workplace.

  • Hand washing - Proper hand washing has been part of the Jennifer Young Post Graduate Diplomas in Oncology Touch Therapies since the beginning. Therapists who are new to the Jennifer Young Training School will be given information and advice about what to use to wash their hands; how to wash has become common knowledge since the arrival of COVID 19
  • Laundry - How and when to wash towels and other items used during touch therapies.
  • Product Use – what to use, how to dispense and when to dispose
  • Sterilisation, disinfection and more suitable alternatives – the legal standards and those more commonly adopted
  • General Room Cleanliness – what is required?
  • Methods of disposal of waste – ways in which the therapist can protect themselves and their client.
  • Personal hygiene – for the therapist and the client; ways in which expectations can be set and managed.
  • Nails – always controversial, professional standards of nail care and presentation
  • Hand washing during a routine
  • Information for the client
  • How to adapt a routine in order to minimise infection
  • Face touching
  • Infection control measures in the wider property
  • PPE – is it helpful? If so, when?
  • Identifying vulnerable clients
  • Identifying vulnerable therapists
  • The law and methods of compliance

Myths are dispelled and scientific research is celebrated.


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