Here’s the evidence – cancer massage makes a difference

news Sep 28, 2020

Benefits of Oncology Massage

Did you know Oncology Massage can do all of this? Everyday is a school day...

Short-term benefits 

  • Reduced anxiety, depressed mood and anger in breast cancer patients
  • Increased vigour (breast cancer patients)
  • Reduced mood disturbances and perceived stress levels
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved quality of life (breast cancer patients)
  • Reduced pain and improvement of mood, reduced stress levels
  • Reduced perception of pain, nausea and increased relaxation after 10-minute (5 minute per foot) foot massage
  • Pain intensity, pulse rate, and respiratory rate significantly reduced immediately after the massages. At study entry, the massage group reported higher pain intensity, which decreased by 42% (25% reduction in the control group)
  • Reduced anxiety scores, depression, general fatigue, reduced motivation fatigue, and emotional fatigue
  • Reduced depression and improved sleep
  • Reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure
  • Decrease in physical discomfort, group fatigue, and mood disturbance. The effect of massage on mood disturbances was greater when treated continuously by the same therapist

Long-term benefits 

  • Reduced depression and hostility, increased urinary dopamine, serotonin values, natural killer cell number and lymphocytes in breast cancer patients
  • Reduced mood disturbances and perceived stress levels (breast cancer patients)

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