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Why is Jennifer Young a finalist at the Professional Beauty Educator of the Year awards?

Dec 22, 2022

This month, Jennifer Young Training has been selected as a finalist in the Educator of the Year category of the Professional Beauty Awards 2023. It's a real honour to be selected, and we are delighted. The reason it's an honour is because the team at Professional Beauty know what they're looking for when it comes to high-quality therapist training. Quality is the very core of what we seek to provide in our training, because to be able to adapt therapies to vulnerable clients and their varying needs, quality is everything.

Jennifer Young Training disrupts the spa industry for two core reasons:

We offer specialist qualifications that either allow you to provide touch therapies to people you couldn't otherwise treat or to provide more meaningful treatment benefits based on evidence-based knowledge.
The quality of our training is recognised for its unusually high standards. This stems from our focus on background information as well as adaptable techniques for personalisation. Our emphasis is not only on explaining what to do when treating cancer patients or women going through menopause, but also why you do it. This enables you to treat causes instead of just symptoms.


Therapeutic Oncology Massage
Target the common side effects of cancer treatment with acupressure
From £100


How our therapist training works

Our award-winning education training is delivered through a variety of methods so that you actively absorb information and feel confident once the course is completed. They include:

  • Online learning with workbooks and videos from dedicated, experienced tutors
  • Live one-to-one sessions with your tutor using video calling to further your education
  • The supported completion of case studies

This method is designed to achieve two goals that help you further your education and offer advanced therapies. We have made all training available online so that you can complete it in your own time and at your own pace, around your workload. You also then have lifetime access to information and course materials. However, we know the value of direct communication, so our one-to-one support enables you to reach your qualification goals up to three times faster.

Everything we do regarding our training is tested against feedback and evolved over time to make sure our therapists have the best training experience. We want you to complete our qualifications feeling confident in your understanding of the underlying causes of client symptoms, and how to support them safely, professionally and meaningfully.

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Oncology Massage
Our original Oncology Massage postgraduate diploma

What does one-to-one therapist support look like from JYT?

One-to-one support is an opportunity for you to speak to one of our experienced tutors. Over video call or telephone, that might be a Q&A session to help you test your knowledge or talk through any aspects of the training that you might be struggling with or have questions about.

It could also include help with practical routines, how best to position clients for treatments, or how to handle difficult conversations that your client may want to discuss. Our therapist support can include several sessions to ensure you feel confident by the time you complete your qualification.


Hormone Balancing Face and Body Treatments
Match menopause symptoms with acupressure points
£795 each


Spa consultant, Lisa Hawtin, who is also our Head of Spa and looks after our relationships with spas, introducing our qualifications and wholesale products, said: "Our Jennifer Young Tutors offer highly experienced guidance and support to each individual on our training courses. All our tutors at Jennifer Young are passionate about their industry and we all want to pass on our years of experience and knowledge to help build a stronger education."


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