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The spa business benefits of working with Jennifer Young

luxury spa oncology spa spa business spa industry spa therapist wholesale Dec 21, 2022

Lisa Hawtin is a seasoned pro when it comes to the spa industry. She's worked as a therapist herself, is a Spa consultant and Founder Holistic Beauty Academy Training Centre. We are also privileged to include her within our team at Jennifer Young Training, introducing our qualifications and wholesale products to therapists and spas, enabling them to treat all vulnerable clients, including those with cancer. Here she talks about her experience in the spa industry and the spa business benefits of working with Jennifer Young.


Therapeutic Oncology Massage
Target the common side effects of cancer treatment with acupressure
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For anyone who doesn't know, what's your journey been so far in the spa industry?

I have been in the industry for nearly 30 years. I started doing my hair, beauty and make-up artist qualifications and practised until I got married. Then I worked with the make-up artist Daniel Sandler at the point where he was launching his own brand, and I helped with that process.

Afterwards I went into the spa world and worked mainly for Coworth Park as a therapist, so I got to know how it works behind the scenes and learned a different side of the industry.

From there I did my teacher training qualifications. At Coworth they had a small brand from the States and I became their trainer, which ultimately led me to create the Holistic Beauty Academy and was also essential to work that I did with Kirstin Florian in LA.

I have always loved education - I'm a people person and I think you're never too old to learn. I was always doing additional qualifications and now that is essential to the work that I do in therapist training. I love being with students and I feel it's so important to be current with your skillset, so over the last 10 years I've run a business but I have also worked part-time training and keeping my skills up to date.


Oncology Massage
Our original Oncology Massage postgraduate diploma


How would you describe your role at Jennifer Young Training?

I started working with Jennifer during the Covid-19 pandemic. I had been aware of her and her name in the industry for years, and when we got talking I just clicked with her. Since then I have been looking after spa sales, which includes training and wholesale. I get such a buzz from it - I love it. I am really passionate about seeing it grow.

Jennifer has a fantastic reputation for her professional qualifications and I want to help share that. In my role I look after spa relationships with the brand, make sure they have products in stock, and that their therapists are trained up. I also encourage new businesses to qualify with Jennifer Young in her oncology and hormone balancing qualifications.


Hormone Balancing Facial Treatment
Match menopause symptoms with acupressure points


 Why would you recommend Jennifer Young Training to spas and therapists?

The main benefit of the Jennifer Young qualifications is the quality of the training. One in two people are affected by cancer and it should be taken seriously as part of therapist training. It's a criteria that should just be met as standard now in spas - cancer patients are vulnerable people so you have to know what you're doing from a safety perspective. Jennifer is a leader in her field, so she's the best you can go to.

I would also say that therapists benefit, as well as clients, from the training because it gives you confidence in what you're doing and makes you feel happier at work. Commercially, the training opens up a market for spas that they can't otherwise reach. You need the right qualifications to treat cancer patients, and if therapists also have the product knowledge then they will have the confidence to promote retail sales as well as giving someone a great treatment.

As therapists we always want to help people and Jennifer's training is genuinely designed to do just that. We encourage therapists to try the products so they love them too - you have to believe in it and then that authenticity shines through in your work.


Diploma in Hormonal Wellness Mentoring & Coaching
Support clients through hormonal change mentally as well as physically
From £875


What do you like about the training method?

The quality is the biggest thing - Jennifer really knows what she's doing and the courses she designs are informative and evidence based. Therapists leave not only with a set of protocols to follow but a clear understanding of why they're taking certain actions and not others. That's essential for being able to adapt treatments to different people with different types of cancer and at varying stages of treatment.

Jennifer's also made it really simple and easy to access training and fit it in around other things. Everything is online, although we also offer in-house training for two days if spas want it. There are one-to-one sessions so therapists feel fully informed and supported as well. That method of training is key to getting therapists qualified quickly and practising as soon as possible.


Hormone Balancing Body Treatment
Bring maximum benefit to your clients


What do you like about working with Jennifer Young?

I think it's a really lovely brand to represent. It's opened up my own education and knowledge of people going through cancer treatment. Supporting people during that time is something that impacts us all - it triggers memories of our own experiences because we all know someone who has had it. It's a really great way to get to the essence of the spa experience, and ultimately to help people. Oncology training has moved on a lot within the last five years and spas really need to be able to offer this.

You also look after our wholesale products for spas - why do you recommend those to spas?

The products are beautiful and they really work - they're safe, natural and gentle but effective. I think the beauty of them is that although they were designed to address the side effects of cancer treatment while being safe to use, as a result they're actually perfect for all skin types - especially sensitive skin. Everyone I know who uses them loves them, whether or not they have had cancer treatment.

I always believe that as spas we need to deliver the whole journey for clients. Jennifer's training and education means therapists can deliver safe, relaxing and enjoyable treatments, but then it's about feedback and after care. It's so important to finish that journey by retailing the products that meet client needs. There's no need for pushy sales - it's about focusing on the area of concern and the product that might help.

We're all going to buy moisturisers and cleansers, so for me it's about educating therapists about the very real benefits of these products because they're genuinely great for the client and it's an opportunity for the spa to provide a full experience and enhance their ongoing relationship with their customers.

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