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Therapeutic Oncology Massage (TOM) v Oncology Massage

May 10, 2023


Therapeutic Oncology Massage (TOM)


I know I shouldn’t have favourites….but…. this is my favourite. It is 100% an oncology massage (I get asked if it is an oncology massage qualification more than I get asked anything else) but it is the next generation. You will learn almost the same routine as our best seller, the Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology Massage.


‘So what’s the difference?’


Targeted consultation, acupressure points matched to the exact issues your client would like to be resolved, oils blended to support your client when addressing the issue they have identified as being significant to them, acupressure plasters and lifestyle cards.


Lifestyle cards…?


Oh you are going to like these – we identify 9 conditions that your client may want help with. These are 9 conditions commonly experienced by those going through treatment for cancer, as well as those for whom treatment is in the past.


We have linked each condition to an acupressure point. You will be shown how to concentrate on the relevant points during your in person learning, or during your online sessions.

You give the lifestyle cards to your clients at the end of their treatment. The cards contain a QR code linking to a video showing them how to identify the point most beneficial to them, allowing them to self-treat as part of their aftercare.


The cards also contain some evidence-based lifestyle and wellness hints and tips, further empowering your clients.


You will apply acupressure plasters to the most relevant points as part of your treatment (with consent), making it easier for your client to find these magic points.


We offer TOM in person (for a very limited time only), online, book now, or sign up for our payment plan.


Oncology Massage


The Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology Massage has always been our best seller. It is the original, the pioneer, the old faithful, the favourite for many. Oncology Massage has the power of simplicity. Graduates of this qualification, which is offered online or in house for spas and clinics, offer a gentle, repetitive routine to their clients. It is calming, sedative and soporific – what is not to love?


The routines for each therapy are similar, the differences are set out above. There is more to remember for TOM – of you enjoy simplicity and predictability in your treatments – The Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology Massage is for you. It even has a payment plan.

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