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Jennifer Young wins two Global Health & Pharma Magazine skincare awards

cancer global wellness summit menopause menopause awareness menopause support oncology oncology massage diploma Dec 13, 2022

2022 is ending on a high note for the team at Jennifer Young, as Global Health & Pharma Magazine awarded us not one but two awards - one for each of our skincare collections. This month we were given the award for Best Specialist Cancer-Friendly Skincare Company 2023 – UK and for Best Menopause Support Product Provider 2023.

Evidence-based natural skincare

Global Health & Pharma Magazine seeks to keep readers and web users up to date about the latest innovations and advancements within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. To see our 100% natural, evidence-based skincare recognised and represented in this sphere is an important step in the evolution of wellness.

Our Defiant Beauty, Beyond Beauty and Well Being Beauty collections at Beauty Despite Cancer have been leading the way in cancer skincare support and self-care for more than 10 years. Meanwhile, our Menopause Plus (MPlus) skincare range launched in 2021 after three years of intense research (notably our State of the Art Scoping Review, commissioned from the UK’s Keele University) and working with women in menopause for a decade.

Both product lines are used in our specialist therapist training for oncology touch treatments and hormonal balance, and are also available for spas to sell at retail.


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Leading the way in skincare research

Crucially, we continue to update our knowledge and commission new studies to further corroborate and improve our work to better support our clients. In particular, we are leading the largest global research study into menopausal symptoms ever undertaken alongside the Global Wellness Institute's Hormonal Wellness Initiative, with the launch of The Menopause Million.

Jennifer Young said: "We don't do what we do for awards, but it's a wonderful thing to have our work recognised, especially by the pharmaceutical world. I have always been an ardent advocate for natural skincare and holistic therapies as a way of supporting the body and giving people choices about their wellbeing. It can be a powerful ally for the medical profession, supporting the individual and their wider wellbeing."


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