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Jennifer Young is speaking about menopause at the Global Wellness Summit

global wellness summit hormonal wellness menopause menopause awareness menopause support tel aviv Nov 10, 2022

This month saw one of the biggest events in our industry calendar take place. The Global Wellness Summit went to Tel Aviv this year, and amongst the speakers providing insights and information into the trajectory of wellness advancements and trends, Jennifer Young spoke passionately about the Hormonal Wellness Initiative and its work with menopause. 

The Hormonal Wellness Initiative

The Hormonal Wellness Initiative is a Global Wellness Institute initiative, led by Jennifer Young along with other industry leaders including Mark Kohoot - CEO of Areoscena LLC, biologist Dr Jolanta Idkowiak-Baldys, Dr. Shashi Prasad, Dr. Shagaf Bakour, Meera Bhogal - Founder of Meera’s Made from Scratch, and Dr. Verity Biggs.  Its goal is to provide greater understanding of hormones, their impact on our quality of life, and increase the ability of the wellness industry to offer support to individuals through active research leading to hormonal wellness education and protocols.

Front and centre of the initiative is the focus on menopause. As you will know from following the launch of our hormonal wellness coaching and touch therapies, women in menopause have been underrepresented for too long. The signs of menopause are often misattributed, information is often baseline or contradictory, support is insufficient to the point where 5% of women leave work and more than 60% don't bother asking their doctor for help because they don't believe they will offer anything other than HRT - and for the most part, they won’t. 

Doctors do their best, but they are inhibited by the lack of evidence for supporting lifestyle or holistic support for anyone who doesn't want to take HRT, or who wants to explore other options in addition to synthetic hormones. The reason is simple, the time hasn’t been taken to formally gather that evidence. 


Hormone Balancing Facial Treatment 
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World leading research 

At Jennifer Young, we have started to change that and now we are seeking a global, collaborative effort to take things further. Our own research into menopause and the ameliorating effects of holistic therapies on the unwanted consequences of hormonal change, has been groundbreaking. 

It began with our State of the Art Scoping Review, commissioned from the UK’s Keele University. It provides academic validation and statistical scrutiny of holistic therapies on specific symptoms. This was the foundation on which our acupressure and phytohormone focused hormone balancing touch treatments were created.


Hormone Balancing Body Treatment 
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The largest global study into menopause 

However, Jennifer is determined to lead the charge in taking things further, along with her partners within the Hormonal Wellness Initiative. Therefore, they have launched The Menopause Million. It will be the largest global research study into menopausal symptoms ever undertaken, collecting the big data needed to improve healthcare outcomes for women experiencing hormonal change.

It is in the form of a questionnaire that will be completed by one million women from across the globe. This is a project based on collaboration, where personal information will not be taken and big data is freely shared every quarter for the greater good. To achieve our goals, we need to work together, and we already have a number of valued partners, but we need more.

Everyone who shares in this project is a key player in improving women's health and wellbeing. Those who have already joined the movement are valued members of the team. We want to invite all businesses, charities, organisations and individuals to spread the word. Those who commit to collaborating with us by promoting the research, sharing information and generating sign ups to our questionnaire, can count themselves amongst the pioneers changing the game for women's health.

We hope you will join us.

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