Weekly Wins

newsletter Feb 16, 2022

Little wins - we love them

Having recently discovered that I am the mistress of self-deprivation in the name of self- control, I approach Lent with caution. I often deny myself something during Lent, chocolate, refined sugar, fun. 
This year, I look afresh, my spring will be filled with doing things rather than not doing things. There are many organisations who take this time of year as an opportunity to act – positively. They might encourage you to make and cake and share it or to pay someone a compliment. The detail matters not, you get the idea.
This got us thinking, 
‘can we encourage others consider the next couple of months as a time to reflect with gratitude on our days, weeks and months?’
 One of our number as started a weekly wins jar. Every week, she writes down her favourite moment and pops it into a jar. She will do this all year and read about them again in early 2023.
I am reminded of a Todd Box – probably not what you are imaging. Years ago, my friend, the aforementioned Todd, went to the US for a year or so. It was in prehistoric times, we didn’t correspond, those of us left in Blighty,  kept a Todd Box. Into the box went news, gifts, stuff. I don’t remember what stuff went in but I do remember with absolute clarity the joy when the stuff came out.  
So, whatcha think – you up for weekly, daily, hourly wins? 
We are so taken with this idea that we plan to share our wins over the coming weeks. Please, please, please share your wins with us and we will pass it on. 

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