Are self-control and self-deprivation the same thing?

hear from jennifer young Feb 02, 2022


I did it – Dry January is behind me. I am considering a few more abstemious days, or weeks, maybe months. 
I am lucky, I can take alcohol or leave alcohol, we don’t have a special relationship, but I still struggle with the decision, total and forever, or not. 
I realise, upon reflection, that the choice is a hard one  as I am an expert in self-deprivation. I have stellar willpower. When I decide not to do something it doesn’t happen.
I have thought more and realise that this is all one sided, I can deprive - no gluten, no alcohol, no cheese - but I am not as reliable when it comes to enjoying - yoga 4 times a week, having my nails done, acquiring an old Land Rover. 
I really didn’t see this learning coming, especially not as a result of Dry January. I’ve  given myself a serious talking to and have set some Auto Trader alerts.
Are you the same?

Have you discovered anything this year? I’d love to know more about it if you have.

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