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Mar 02, 2021

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There are many benefits to being a Jennifer Young Specialist Therapist , inclusion on our spa and therapist finder is but one.

The touch industries have survived many challenges in recent years, as have the client group served by Jennifer Young & Beauty Despite Cancer. Many of our therapists have expressed concern that those affected by cancer will be too fearful to leave their homes even when lockdown is lifted. 

Of course, the clinically extremely vulnerable should follow medical and Government advice but the others, those affected by cancer who do not fall into that category, what about them?

Our sister site,  has an active and engaged community. We send regular newsletters (sound familiar?) and we look data showing us the most popular content. This week the Spa and Therapist Finder was one of the features.  It was the most clicked link by miles (and the others were popular too). 

This is no scientific study, nor is it a promise, but it is an indication that those affected by cancer, are, like the rest of ready, indeed desperate, to have someone get their hands on them.  

Join us and as soon as you qualify, we will include you on the Spa and Therapist Finder, helping you to be found and to do the good that you will learn how to do


Have an opinion? Share it

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