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 Rainy Sunday Brunch Potato and Egg

hear from jennifer young Jul 05, 2021

I am known for my brunch.

A ‘Big Breakfast’ is our fave family get together, in times past, all were invited.

This Sunday we had a rainy day cook and bake day – we were meant to have friends over (like the good old days) for a BBQ brunch. It poured down, there were thunderstorms. The brunch must go on.

Numerous distractions (like fam needing a jab lift) made this a 3pm brunch, late even for me. Freestyling was required and, as the pics found their way into my Instagram and Facebook stories, recipe requests abounded.

I made a lot of food – here is but one of the food recipes – Foraged Flamingo Cordial has already been shared.


Be warned, I am an intuitive cook – here I list ingredients and instructions, along with some pics. The proportion, quantity, detail, I leave with you.  You will be fine, have faith. If you prefer shallots to peppers,  use more of them, if you want to add mushroms, see if you can find those amazing woodland mushrooms, you get the idea.

Self-belief is liberating.

A open mind when eating one’s own creations helps.



Olive Oil (chili infused if you have it)

Chilli flakes

Shallots, thinly sliced

Sweet peppers (red, yellow, orange), thinly sliced

Cubed potato, parboiled

Cherry tomatoes (as many colours and shapes as you can find)




Coriander (cilantro)

Goats Cheese

Spring onions (sliced)
Large pan (I use a paella pan)



How to prepare

Using a large oven proof pan

Heat the oil

Add the shallots and peppers and chilli– fry until the shallots and peppers are soft

At the same time, shallow fry the parboiled potatoes until they are crispy (don’t obsess, a bit crispy or crispy on some sides and not others is perfectly adequate)

Add the tomatoes to the shallots and peppers

After a few heating through moments, add the now crispy-ish potatoes

Let it all cook, a tomato sauce should be forming, as though by magic

Add the sliced garlic

Add paprika

Add chopped coriander when you think everything is cooked.

Stir through

Heat the grill

Make space for the eggs

Crack a raw egg into each of the spaces you have made

Cook under the grill until the whites are solid

Cover the dish in grated goats cheese

Continue to cook under the grill until the cheese is melted

Remove from the grill

Sprinkle with chopped coriander

Dust with chilli flakes




Suggested side-dishes (take your pick)








We served this with vegan kedgeree and an aubergine, pesto, pine nut and goats cheese made-up creation.


What will you serve yours with?

Send pics


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