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Foraged Flamingo Cordial

hear from jennifer young Jul 05, 2021

A recipe for elderflower and rose cordial using foraged ingredients.

Perfect, pink party decadence.


1.5l of water

1kg of sugar

Zest and juice of two lemons

Plant based citric acid (add according to manufacturer’s instructions)


Rose petals


How to make

Dissolve the sugar in the water (warming over a gentle heat)

Simmer until gloopy

Add the rest of the ingredients (the more flowers and petals you add, the stronger the flavour, 4 handfuls of elderflower and two of petals is a good start)

Warm through

Leave to stand for a couple of days

Sieve through a muslin cloth

Pour into sterilised bottles

Make fantastic, gorgeous, breath-taking labels


How to enjoy

Add fizz, sparkling water or use to make gin cocktails


As requested, here is the recipe for the pink flamingo cordial recently flaunted on my Instagram and Facebook stories. I had grand plans of sharing pics of the ‘champagne’ cocktails created on our rainy Sunday but I forgot all about them as soon as the cork popped. I’ll do better next time.


This cordial is happy in the company of bubbles of any kind, it is as delish with sparkling water for those who are more abstemious than I.


Enjoy imbibing and label designing – send me your pics (unless you are too busy enjoying your homemade creation).


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