Plagued by pings and positives

infection control Sep 15, 2021

There is only so much we can control – so now what?

You probably know that we have some decent and robust control measure in place at JY HQ. We all decided to keep them, even after August 16, for lots of reasons that are unique to our workplace and the team. 

We all continued to work through long lockdowns and we were, on the whole, unaffected until freedom day dawned. I, like all employers, can control the workplace environment. If you have completed our free infection control qualification – you can do it and, most of you have rejoiced in being able to do it. 

Come Freedom Day, ok, soon after, not at the stroke of midnight, it all went downhill. In came the positives and the pinging (not related to our positives). If only I could stop the team from attending festivals or living with those who do. Except, I have a duty, moral and legal, but more moral for me, to consider their mental health too.  I confess to having driven two of the, then fevered in a good way, culprits to Leeds Festival. They needed some normality, who doesn’t? 

The consequences are significant and not just for those who are poorly (better now) – we operate with a reduced workforce.

It is more of a challenge than lockdown, not that I want a return to that. We will cope. I am not sure we would cope, mentally, with another lockdown.

The changes to legislation announced recently certainly gave us the impression that another lockdown in England is a last resort. It is important to note that the legislation repealed (that means binned) is not that which gives the power to close businesses. That power lies elsewhere. For my would-be lawyer therapists, parts of the Coronavirus Act were repealed, The Health Protection (Coronavius, Restrictions) (All Tiers) (England) Regulations 2020 remains, as far as I can tell, untouched.

At JYHQ, we are taking it as it comes. I firmly believe that life is for living and if that brings me management challenges, so be it. I want a happy and a healthy team and if I have to choose one, I choose happy (no-one was stick for long). Everyone knows how to manage their infection risk inside work and out. Let’s hope, we don’t bump into someone who doesn’t.

What are your thoughts?


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