No more masks, social distancing or table service

infection control Jul 05, 2021

How are you feeling?

September 2020 saw a return to work for the majority of Team JY – we came back to rigorous control measures that have not slipped in the intervening period. We require all new starters to complete our online Control of Cross Infection Course and we take our health very seriously.


These measures protected the smooth operation of the business when one of our number started displaying sinister symptoms. She was ok and so were we. Our control measures were the only reason we were ok – we could continue with our daily activities as we had taken the time to implement changes that protected the team.


Now, I hear, I can let them go, what I don’t hear is what I have to do if one of the team tests positive or has symptoms.  If we decide to come closer than 2m for the first time in nearly a year, I want to be fully aware of the consequences should things not go to plan.


The risks outside of the workplace are changing, it could be argued either way, the risk goes up as societal control measures are reduced, the risk goes down as more of the vulnerable become immune.


Risk is complex and ever shifting.


How do you feel about the relaxing your rules?


Whatever you feel, it’s ok.


Rejoice, party and snog strangers, or keep 2m social distancing – there is no judgement here, merely an understanding that actions have consequences and, ideally, one should be familiar with them and happy to accept them, before taking the action (‘or inaction’, the lawyer in me shouts).


Team JY have scheduled a tea, cake and control measures meeting – we have always self -regulated (done more than required by regulation) – I suspect we will do so for a while longer.


As soon as I have seen ‘what to do if’ guidance, I will share my thoughts.


Until then, party on (from 19 July in England).


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