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Jennifer Young wins Specialist Skincare Brand of the Year

brand of the year chemotherapy corporate livewire skincare specialist skincare for cancer patients Nov 02, 2022

Jennifer Young has been awarded the Specialist Skincare Brand of the Year award at the Corporate LiveWire - Global Awards 2022/23.

Each year the publisher invites readers and contributors of the Corporate LiveWire publications to put forward companies, products, services and individuals who they feel are deserving of recognition. They ask each nominee to submit supporting information for their chosen category and their panel of judges picks a winner in each area.

This year, we are delighted to have been recognised by the publisher and their readers for our work at Jennifer Young Training, Beauty Despite Cancer and the Menopause Plus. The award focuses predominantly on our work in the oncology arena, providing skincare solutions that are suitable during cancer treatment, and which target the side effects of treatments including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

These products are also instrumental in our oncology touch therapy training as well. For that to be recognised amongst a global audience is a meaningful recognition of the extent and need for the work that we do.

Jennifer Young said: "The team and I work incredibly hard alongside amazing people in the spa and healthcare industries, all of whom are motivated by improving the quality of life for cancer patients during and beyond cancer treatment. When you receive a cancer diagnosis you are plunged into a whole new world of terminology and experiences - very little is in your control and that can be overwhelming. While doctors treat the cancer, the person often experiences side effects ranging from uncomfortable reactions to treatments to anxiety and a loss of identity. Our work supports the person with gentle skincare that makes a difference physically and emotionally."

Awards will be celebrated in June 2023


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