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Informed consent for touch treatments for cancer patients

client and therapist Sep 29, 2020

Jennifer Young and insurer Alison Livings discuss informed consent, empowerment of cancer patients and dynamic risk assessment.

We are taught not to touch cancer patients. 

Specialist Training gives us the skills to work with those affected by cancer but we still have to demonstrate an understanding of the risks as well as an ability to explain them to the client. Informed consent allows the client to make a decision about if they wish to proceed with a treatment or not, if not, they may seek medical consent. A therapist cannot facilitate informed consent unless that have a good understanding of the medical condition with which the client presents and the impact that a treatment may have upon it.

Add dynamic risk assessment into the mix and it all gets a bit overwhelming.

Jennifer and Alison navigate a way through the jargon and the complexity (in a minute and a half).



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