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How menopause can disrupt family relationships and how spas can help

family menopause menopause awareness menopause support relationships symptoms Nov 16, 2022

One of the big challenges when it comes to menopause is that it doesn't just have an impact on women themselves. As a result of the all pervasive nature of its symptoms, hormonal change can also be disruptive to family relationships - especially with partners and children. 

In part, this is because of the symptoms themselves, but in many ways it is more because of a lack of communication and understanding about what's going on.  The mental and emotional impact of menopause, resulting from the physical consequences (tiredness due to interrupted sleep for example), as well as directly related to hormone changes, often take people by surprise. It's disorienting for the person going through it and for those around them.

While every woman and her loved ones need to find their own rhythm when it comes to communicating and navigating these changes, as therapists, we can help.

Through educated understanding and targeted, holistic support, we can help women to communicate how they're feeling, to understand more about what's happening to them, and to soothe some of the consequences of menopause in the treatment room and beyond. 

We can help women to have a safe space, and to develop tools that will help them and their loved ones work together through menopause. Here's how. 

Emotional consequences of menopause

• Anger 

• Irritability

• Anxiety

• Sadness

• Low mood and feelings of depression

Mental health consequences of menopause

• Forgetfulness

• Loss of self-esteem

• Loss of confidence

• Poor concentration or brain fog, and lost words

• Feeling stressed

• Lack of motivation

Physical consequences of menopause 

• Low libido

• Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin 

• Body changes that make sex uncomfortable 

• Tiredness

How therapists can support women's emotional needs


Diploma in Hormonal Wellness Mentoring & Coaching
Support clients through hormonal change mentally as well as physically 
From £875

Improving communication about menopause

The emotional fluctuations caused by a change in life stage as well as hormonal changes during menopause can make women feel isolated and alone, which often results in a lack of communication. Meanwhile, partners can feel bewildered by the changes, and helpless to know what to do. 

Understanding what's happening and being able to talk about it isn't always as easy as it seems, but having a space in which you can talk, understand what's happening to you and better communicate how you feel can be game changing. That's exactly what our Diploma in Hormonal Wellness Mentoring & Coaching is designed to do.

Therapist, Beverley Peters said:

"I think it's going to allow me to talk with my clients, as well as friends, helping me to pose questions so I can better understand what they're going through. I think it will help them understand better too. The course has really opened my mind to how to ask questions to get the most informative answers about what's going on." 


Acupressure for menopause 

Touch is a powerful way to support someone physically and emotionally. However, where our Hormonal Wellness Balancing Treatments take things a step further is with the evidence-based, targeted use of acupressure to target the cause of unwanted consequences of menopause. Following our own, independent research, we have taken the game changing step of matching acupressure points with specific symptoms to deliver direct relief. We also use acupressure plasters, which continue to apply pressure for ongoing wellbeing at home. They also teach people to stimulate those points themselves, which is quite empowering. 

After a 90-minute Hormonal Balancing Face and Body Treatment, Jane said: 

It’s hard to believe some of the benefits from the acupressure points. I had the most amazing business meeting this morning. I was so clear and on point and I didn’t feel fuzzy at all. I’ve had no tingling in my fingers which I quite often get, and no feelings of dizziness. Last night I was really focusing on whether I would be as itchy as normal. Before the treatment that itchiness was about a 9 and last night after the treatment it was about a 2. I had these acupressure stickers put on at the end of the treatment and if I keep having more treatments they will be replaced. I love the idea that I will have that long-term benefit.


Hormone Balancing Body Treatment 
Bring maximum benefit to your clients


Aromatherapy for menopause 

As you know, aromatherapy using natural essential oils works by affecting the body's olfactory system, which stimulates the brain by taking a direct route to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus - the regions of the brain related to emotion and memory. As a result, it can have an almost immediate impact on how we feel. With that in mind, we use aromatherapy as part of our treatments - both in the room and in the dedicated skincare products for menopause. 

After Receiving A Hormone Balancing Touch Therapy Treatment, Dot said: "I actually fell asleep without having one of my hot flushes."


Hormone Balancing Facial Treatment 
Match menopause symptoms with acupressure points

Plant hormones for menopause 

Phytohormones (naturally occurring plant hormones), are the other 'secret' ingredient in our Menopause Plus products, used in our treatments and home care. Our research has shown that the use of these natural compounds, found in ingredients such as soy and geranium, can have a noticeable and positive impact on the unwanted consequences of menopause. Combined with the acupressure, aromatherapy, and other elements of our hormone balancing treatments, they are a central feature of how therapists can support women in the treatment room and at home, to have the best menopause experience.

Talking about our MPlus products, which are also available to sell at retail, Catherine said: "The products are sublime. I adore the scent of everything and I’m enjoying spending time on myself. I have received compliments for “glowing skin” and I feel I can see a good improvement in my skin and hair."

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