How a course in cross-infection control helped my clients and me

Jan 08, 2021

Covid-19 has presented a challenging time for lots of people in lots of ways. However, for therapists and beauticians it has presented two particular issues: the need to protect themselves from both infection and litigation; and the need to safeguard the wellbeing of clients - especially those who are vulnerable because of cancer treatments. For these reasons, Jennifer Young created the free course - Control of Cross Infection in the Post COVID-19 World. Explaining why she took the course, we spoke to therapist, Emma Livingstone, to find out how it has been helpful for her, her business and her clients.

Why did you take the course?

Quite simply because I regard Jennifer Young - with her breadth of qualifications, wealth of experience and years of practice in the field - as a trusted and authoritative voice of reason in the midst of all the misinformation and hysteria currently surrounding the subject of Covid-19.

What were you concerned about before taking the course?

I was generally frustrated with all the apparent scaremongering and the lack of credible, trustworthy and reliable information surrounding Covid-19 and cross infection. Having invested heavily in my complementary therapy qualifications and practice over the years, I felt it was hugely important that I take positive measures to educate myself so that I could continue to welcome clients safely and with confidence.

What did you like about it?

The fact that Jennifer made a conscious decision to share the course without charge meant that I was able to share it across my network to enlighten, reassure and build confidence. All of my contacts who have taken the course on my recommendation have conveyed how impressed they were with its content and structure. They also remarked on how Jennifer has managed to deliver a rather daunting subject in a wholly a supportive and empowering manner.

What did you find helpful? 

The timely roll out of the course was especially helpful. To have such a comprehensive, well researched and thoroughly referenced accredited resource was reassuring and empowering in a time of confusion, panic and uncertainty. The course is well structured and the knowledge checks at the end of each section help to confirm learnings each step of the way. Furthermore, it is a reassuring reminder that as a Level 3 qualified therapist, my existing control measures and risk assessment practices offer a solid foundation. In terms of being able to reassure clients, being able to display the certificate was invaluable.

What did you learn? 

How Covid-19 has changed the risk profile of the personal care industries and how this change has highlighted the need to be dynamic and fluid in our approach to risk assessments and in response to government interventions. I have definitely honed my skills in patience and tolerance in the wake of last-minute restrictions which have led to the postponing of multiple appointments.

Did anything surprise you or was there anything specific you didn't know before? 

That the simple act of washing your hands with soap and water can actually kill the virus. 

How has it helped you in your work? 

I started making natural soaps as gifts for my clients, friends and family.

Has it had an impact on your own wellbeing, mental health or ability to handle work post-Covid? 

Absolutely, I have a much more pragmatic approach to the situation, I’m being very careful about where I get my information and I am not subscribing to the hysteria. I am using the ‘downtime’ to do more of what I love - spending more time outside (in all weather) and to ‘skill up’ across a range of subjects that gladden my soul and fill my heart with joy.

Has it helped to reassure your clients? 

Anecdotally yes, however, government interventions mean that I am only able to see them virtually at the moment, which is a great shame.




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