Help through quarantine

newsletter Oct 28, 2020

Help through quarantine

Yesterday was my last day in quarantine. I have been climbing the walls. Never again will I give everyone a lift to Volleyball (10 journeys a week is the alternative to masked lift sharing with the windows open).

My weeks of relative isolation have been improved by Zoom. As the ten thousand gifts projects comes to an end, I have been fortunate enough to hear from some of the recipients. Here we speak to Anastasia from Liverpool Cancer Mummies



 And, as always, listening to others gives me a sense of perspective, quarantine for me is nothing to worry about. My job is a gift.



Some of the videos are super helpful to you therapists, and to anyone you know who has been diagnosed. There are loads of them (quarantine is long and slow and I have Netflix nausea), the team are barely speaking to me as whilst I record and edit, I am refusing to brand (or ‘tart’ we as call it).

Hopefully we will add them to the blogs in the near future, in the meantime, here is the gorgeous and fabulous Jo Taylor of ABCDiagnosis and MetupUK. I mention Jo (my total hero) in every training I deliver including the free online Cancer Awareness Qualification. You will love her too.


...and this is one of the many reasons I love her – she is so generous with her expertise and she is my ‘take no messing’ role model.


Sending Northerners,



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