Cancer Awareness Certificate 

From products to techniques, this course gives you an understanding in the background knowledge for adapting spa treatments and therapies for anyone with cancer from accredited industry leader, Jennifer Young. 

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be prepared to welcome those affected by cancer

learn more about working when medical consent has been given

learn with the experts

understand the why as well as the what and the how

Course summary

Jennifer Young’s advanced cancer awareness diploma is an awareness training designed to give spa therapists, beauty practitioners and healthcare workers the background knowledge around spa and beauty treatments for cancer patients.

We know, through evidence-based research, that when someone is going through cancer treatment, living with cancer or recovering from it, touch treatments can have a powerful physical, mental and emotional impact on health and wellbeing. Benefits can range from reduced anxiety, reduced pain and reduced nausea to reduced depression and increased dopamine levels, as well as practical improvements to some of the physical side effects of cancer treatment.

This course from the Jennifer Young Training School uses online learning to give you an understanding of the biology of cancer, the science of its treatments, the biological drivers of resulting side-effects, and the protocols and products available for delivering safe and dedicated treatments to clients with cancer.

The course includes:

  • An advanced cancer awareness diploma on successful completion
  • Independent learning on the background needed for treating cancer patients
  • Full support from our team who are available to answer all your questions
  • Please note that this course does not give you the accreditation to deliver touch treatments. It covers the background information needed in order to understand the needs of cancer patients, helping you to decide if the next level of training is for you. For practical qualifications in cancer touch therapies, please see our range of oncology postgraduate diploma courses.

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Oncology Massage


Single Course

  • Accredited & Certified
  • Flexible learning
  • Online course delivery
  • Downloadable course materials
  • Live video support
  • Jennifer Young tutor
  • Case study based assessment
  • Single course

Massage & Facial


Two Qualifications

  • Save £200 - expert training and full support
  • Oncology Massage
  • Lifting & Rejuvenating Facial
  • Accredited & Certified
  • Online Course Delivery
  • Flexible learning with full support
  • Access to Jennifer Young Tutors

Face & Body


Four Qualifications

  • Save £650 -  expert training and full support from Jennifer Young Tutors
  • Oncology Massage
  • Balanced Body & Mind
  • Lifting & Rejuvenating Facial
  • Hand, Nail & Foot Treatments
  • Accredited & Certified 
  • Case Study Based Assessment

Course contents 


  • What is Cancer?
  • Cancer Treatment
  • The Impact of cancer
  • The Cancer Act
  • Skin Conditions
  • More about skincare
  • Hands, Feet and Nails
  • Scalp Care
  • How to make clients comfortable
  • Consultation
  • Consent
  • Hygiene
  • Therapist Protection
  • Gloves
  • Radiation
  • Research

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Course Detail


Cancer Awareness Level 1

  • The biology of cancer
  • Main treatments for cancer and their side-effects
  • The mechanisms underlying the side-effects
  • The ways in which the main treatments impact cancer and what can go wrong
  • Medical devices that you may encounter
  • The main contraindications to touch for those going through treatment for cancer
  • The emotional impact of diagnosis and treatment
  • The personal impact of a cancer diagnosis
  • Evidence to support the many well-proven benefits of touch therapies to those affected by cancer
  • The language of cancer, it’s treatment and how to welcome your client
  • The products (massage oils, skin care and essential oil blends) that can be used with those affected by cancer
  • How to make a client comfortable
  • Ways in which therapists can look after themselves as well as others, emotionally and physically
  • The hygiene standards required when working with cancer patients
  • The requirements of the laws in place to protect the client and the therapist
  • The simple steps that can be taken to ensure compliance with relevant legislation


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