Have we taken our eye off the ball?

newsletter Oct 21, 2020

Are we more likely face a claim of discrimination than we are of negligence for someone contracts Coronavirus on our premises.

We have been through so much, we have had to learn how to risk assess and control cross infection.

We are not the only ones who are picking up new skills and discovering responsibilities that we may not have known we had. Our professional bodies, our insurers and our clients are all working from unchartered territories.

Some professional bodies have, at the time of writing, advised us to seek medical consent before touching anyone who falls into the clearly defined groups of vulnerable, such as many of those affected by cancer.

We are in the throes of a global pandemic and we are, no matter best intentions, unlikely to get that written consent. If we turn folk away, are we liable to claims of discrimination?

Alison Livings of Holistic Insurance Services and Jude Hogarth, a specialist discrimination lawyer, discuss.


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