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Enhance oncology massage with these body oils

Nov 01, 2022

This September we launched our new Therapeutic Oncology Massage qualification, delivering a luxury spa therapy that also helps to soothe the common side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

The treatment works through a combination of aromatherapy, acupressure and natural product ingredients. Previously we have spoken about the role of acupressure points and how they support cancer patients; in this article we wanted to focus on the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and natural skincare to enhance oncology massage during cancer treatment.


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Aromatherapy and natural skincare for cancer patients

We have created targeted Wellbeing Beauty Body Oils to be used in our Therapeutic Oncology Massage, and they are an essential part of the experience. Each oil is made using 100% natural plant ingredients to nourish skin that’s been damaged by cancer treatment. Before the massage begins, you match the appropriate oil to new needs of the client with the help of their consultation form. There are nine dedicated oils, and each has been formulated to address common side effects of chemotherapy.


Aromatherapy for restlessness

Lots of us experience feelings of stress and anxiety, especially following a cancer diagnosis and as you go through your cancer journey. Our Serenity Well Being Beauty Body Oil has been formulated with relaxation in mind. It includes warm citrusy aromas of frankincense and mandarin, carefully selected to help relax tired muscles and ease feelings of stress and anxiety.


Essential oils for sleeplessness

Many people find that they experience sleep disruption during cancer treatment, caused by worry or discomfort. Preparing the right environment to rest in can be a powerful influencer in supporting the mind and body for much needed rest. Containing lavender and bergamot, our Well Being Beauty Body Oil Sleep Ritual helps to relax the mind and body, preparing you for a better night's sleep.


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Scents that help ease tension

It is no surprise that, facing the uncertainties and worry of a cancer diagnosis, tension is commonly experienced by patients and those around them. The light, citrus aromas of lime and bergamot that are central to the Well Being Beauty Calming Body Oil, are used to help clear the mind, relax the body and ease away the stresses of the day.


Aromatherapy to ease confusion

Brain fog is commonly experienced during cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy. Therefore, our Well Being Beauty Concentration Body Oil was formulated with essential oils that help to clear the mind. Also helping to promote feelings of confidence and self-belief, it includes invigorating peppermint and lime balanced with lavender.


Aromatherapy for insecurity

Our confidence can really take a hit following a cancer diagnosis for lots of reasons. Our Well Being Beauty Confidence Body Oil contains the soft, indulgent aroma of Patchouli and Ylang Ylang to improve self-confidence and combat feelings of anxiety.


Essential oils for headaches

Cancer treatment can cause a number of side effects including headaches, from sinus pain to migraines and tension headaches. However, there are ways to help relieve them and their intensity, using holistic wellbeing. Our Well Being Beauty Mental Clarity Body Oil uses essential oils including peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus to help ease headaches, relax tired muscles and soothe the mind.


Aromatherapy for weariness

Lots of things can contribute to low energy after a cancer diagnosis, from feelings of depression to the effects of cancer treatment itself. Self-care can be used to support mind and body during this time. The Well Being Beauty Spring Sunshine Body Oil uses zesty lemon and soothing lavender to help overcome feelings of tiredness and boost energy.


Scents to ease nausea

Nausea and feelings of sickness are common during cancer treatment - especially chemo, and while doctors will usually give you medication to help, there are holistic things you can do to feel a bit better too - including aromatherapy. The Well Being Beauty Vitality Body Oil contains warm and soothing cardamom and ginger to help reduce feelings of nausea and calm the digestive system.


Essential oils for unease

We all have days where we feel off balance and where our mood is all over the place, especially following a cancer diagnosis. The Well Being Beauty Holistic Wellness Body Oil features warm and spicy essential oils such as lime and black pepper to help balance emotions, improve mood and help nurture a sense of happiness.


You can purchase our Well Being Beauty Body Oils and all Jennifer Young skincare products wholesale for use in spa treatments and for retail at your business.

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