Find out how our control measures saved us from a COVID second lockdown

news Sep 23, 2020

COVID in the workplace - our control measures saved us from a second lockdown

High drama – we had a suspected case of COVID-19 and discovered we employ a close contact of a suspected case. It wasn’t easy for us to find out what our employer duties were. Panic appeared to be the only option.

An hour or so of serious research helped me to understand what was expected of me. Good news – our control measures saved the day and we did not return to the lockdown we had endured for 6 months.
It wasn’t just the control measures, it was the team buy-in, the involvement of all parties and peer enforcement that saved the day. Go Team JY.
You guys are all experts in Risk Assessment now – we’ve done Risk Assessment to death (bad choice of words?). Shall we show and tell control measures?
Here are our most photogenic control measures – I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours –feel free to post pics and tag us so that we can spread the happiness.

Hygiene Packs

The team were welcomed back with personalised hygiene packs containing

  • Soap
  • 80% alcohol spray
  • A mask - managing a psychological hazard - they are there to start a conversation as well as to reassure anyone who needs the reassurance. Our other control measures were designed to be effective enough for us not to require masks in our workplace.

All visitors are gifted a personalised pack as well as being walked through our infection control procedures.

Top 3 Risks

We have a short team meeting every day, centred around a board which is updated daily. Top 3 risks is a new addition – we identify issues and decide on what to about them. Someone is given responsibility for actioning the control measure as soon as the meeting is closed.

Oh and the water bottles

Boris and his Rule of 6 meant that we had to postpone our opening party (with abject apologies to his worshipful Mayor who was scheduled to cut the ribbon). Sadly, we had already ordered gifts for the guests. Not so sadly – the team (as well as our favourite delivery driver) now have branded bottles and a way of identifying our own. You can see mine below.

There are a lot more (like not getting close to each other, Perspex shields, allocated desks, a very long meeting table and an outdoor seating area) but they are not as pretty.
Who knew that Control Measures could be fun – not me. I do know that these measures and the management time is a cost to the business. It’s not as much of a cost as the loss of productivity of having to lockdown.

It was worth it just for the water bottle, the rest, like wanting to look after my team and doing my best for them,  is a bonus.


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