Jennifer Young’s specialist treatments and natural products reverse radiotherapy side-effects

client and therapist Sep 18, 2020

“Betty experienced facial flushing and heat whilst going through treatment.”

*Betty, 61, from London was in the middle of radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer when she agreed to be a case study for one of our Jennifer Young therapists, Lisa. Betty experienced hair, lash and nail loss as a consequence of cancer treatments. She was delighted to have a specialist oncology massage, and enjoy some nourishing relaxation thanks to Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young’s natural and organic products. Lisa used Jennifer Young’s adapted cancer massage light touch technique, and made Betty feel truly nourished and gorgeous.

Because of Betty’s positive experience with the specialist oncology massage, she immediately organised to return for more treatments after radiotherapy. Betty enjoyed a Jennifer Young rejuvenating facial treatment with the Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil, and a hand and nail treatment using the Defiant Beauty Nail Oil and Healing Hand Balm. Regular use of the Defiant Beauty Intensive Serum and the Cool and Refresh spritz was perfect for alleviating the heat and facial flushing Betty was experiencing as a consequence of radiotherapy. With its organic and natural ingredients, the facial spritz cools and refreshes, making users skin feel nourished. The Defiant Beauty Intensive Serum also has nourishing qualities. With its use of natural and organic fragrance-free oils, this intensive serum gives sensitive areas affected by cancer treatments the extra care and nourishment they need.

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