Covid and cancer - the future

cancer patient Apr 20, 2021

45% of those with potential cancer symptoms did not contact their doctor during the UK's first wave of the pandemic1

Around 40 000 fewer people than normal started cancer treatment in the UK last year1

One in three European countries had partially or completely interrupted cancer care services early in the pandemic1

The UK's NHS currently has more than 4·6 million people on waiting lists for surgery and 300 000 people have been on hold for more than 12 months—a wait time that is 100-times higher than before the pandemic 1

This is terrifying.

We know that early diagnosis and treatment is key to a successful outcome.

I don’t want to be dramatic but, this could be our next health challenge, as if we weren’t challenged enough already.

If you recall, back in June 2019, when I launched our free Cancer Awareness Level 1 Qualification, it was in anticipation of this tsunami of clients affected by cancer. It gives me no joy to have been right. More than ever, 45% more than ever, our clients need us.

The research is clear, specialist touch therapies help those affected by cancer, we have growing incidence rates (approaching 1 in 2)2 and we are all desperate to get to have some wellness in our lives.

Cancer Awareness Level 1 gives you the skills to welcome those affected by cancer if they have written medical consent. Have you ever tried to get medical consent as a non-specialist therapist? Any success?

It is time to take the next steps – you will do good for an ever growing number of people (and that breaks my heart).



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