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In-Person Training: 10 reasons to grab your place

May 10, 2023


This is your only chance

In person Therapeutic Oncology Massage (TOM) is being offered at each of our centres only once. JY HQ 3 June 2023 and Berkshire 17 June 2023


This is the best price you will ever see for in person training

This is a legacy. 

I’ve been asked, by many, to offer in person training. I want to offer the same qualification at the same price as online to honour all of those who asked before we were ready. Therapeutic Oncology Massage is appearing once at each venue. After which, we offer masterclasses at JY HQ and Berkshire. These are not available online. 

The single qualifications will be available online only or at a higher price if offered in person.


I’ll be there

Much as I cringe to add my presence to the top 3, and, strange as it seems, lots of folk want to me to be alongside them as they learn. Most of our top spa clients want me there so badly that they pay for me to accompany our JY tutor whilst the training is delivered on their premises. 

I won’t be a routine attendee at either JY HQ or Berkshire but I am booked in for 3 June at JY HQ and 17 June at the lovely Berkshire venue. 


Next generation of Oncology Body Treatments

Therapeutic Oncology Massage is the next generation of oncology massage. It takes your learning to the next level.


Massive product discount

9 x Wellbeing Beauty Body Oils are offered to in person delegates only at a massive discount – you won’t see the offer until you book your place. 

You don’t have to take us up on the offer or use Jennifer Young products – you can join us for the learning if you wish.


Evidence-based learning

You will be led through the evidence and research which culminates in the Postgraduate Diploma in Therapeutic Oncology Massage. This qualification is the practical embodiment of information gathered in research we have commissioned from a leading UK university.

In short, it’s epic.


TOM solves problems

The consultation for this treatment enables you to gather information from your client via a non-intrusive process. You will understand the issues most significant to your client and know how best to address that specific concern. The focus of the specialist treatment you deliver is determined by the needs of your client.


Your impact continues after your touch

We match your treatment to the solving of problems. 

We teach you how to apply acupressure plasters to the points which have the greatest impact for your client. 

You give lifestyle prescription cards to your client so that they can self-manage their problems.

Your impact continues long after your touch.


We are celebrating

We are very proud of our HQ and beautiful setting in Berkshire – TOM is the first qualification to be offered at each and we know all of the friends we made from afar during lockdown and since, will join us. 

Let the celebrations commence.


Numbers are strictly limited

Need I say more? 

Book TOM at JY HQ >

Book TOM in Berkshire >

I know this makes it 11 reasons to grab your place...


There will be cake

And I didn’t even get to mention our Grade II listed HQ, the fact that not many folk get invited or the beauty of rural Staffordshire. 

I live in the same village as our HQ. I can’t give a higher recommendation.


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