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What can I say to reassure my clients that an oncology massage treatment is safe for them? 

client and therapist Nov 20, 2020

One of the main things we aim to do over here at the Jennifer Young Training School is to dispel the myths that cancer patients cannot have massage treatments. It's just simply not true - as long as your therapist is trained properly. 

By joining the Jennifer Young touch therapy courses, you can learn how to safely and effectively treat cancer patients in your spa, salon or treatment rooms. 

Understandably, your potential client might still be hesitant - after all, they've always been told to stay away from massages. How can you help to reassure them that they are in safe and caring hands with a Jennifer Young Treatment?

1. We are the experts

Jennifer Young Training School is the leading in specialist oncology massage in the UK. We have heard from so many people that they have been turned away from receiving massage treatments, because therapists or spas are unsure of how to provide cancer patients with a safe massage. Having a specialist oncology massage with a...

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Meet Nuno - we talk oncology massage training, skincare and projecting positive energy

client and therapist Nov 13, 2020

We are embracing Men's Health Awareness Month over here at Jennifer Young. As well as some fantastic blogs and promotions over on Beauty Despite Cancer, we've been getting in touch with our male therapists to get their perspective on the beauty and wellness industry, and why their involvement is just as important as everyone else's. 

First up, we spoke to Nuno, a Jennifer Young Qualified therapist and one of our expert tutors in training.

Keep reading to get to know Nuno...

Hello Nuno, tell us about yourself?

My name is Nuno Gois, I am a Portuguese National, have worked/ lived in the UK since 1996 and I am the owner of Nuno Gois Therapies focused on helping others heal through their challenges. I offer Reiki Energy Healing, JY Oncology Face and Body Treatments, Massage and Advanced Skincare. 

How did you come across Jennifer Young Training?

The first time I met Jennifer Young was by attending one of her courses whilst in employment with Cowshed-Selfridges. I instantly...

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We now offer payment plans for our touch therapy courses

news Nov 12, 2020

There's been a lot going on a JYHQ over the past week. With the second national lockdown in full force, we've been considering how best to help our therapists adjust to the challenges it poses. 

Our solution? Education.

As you're probably aware, over the summer we moved all of our touch therapy learning online to make sure that even while salon doors were closed, therapists could still expand their knowledge. It was a huge success, and the number of Jennifer Young trained therapists continues to grow. 

With spas, salons and treatment rooms closing their doors for the second time, we know finances are at the forefront of everyone's minds. That is why we are happy to announce that the Jennifer Young Training School now offers payment plan options on our touch therapy courses. These finance options are completely interest free, and between £50 and £75 per month (depending on which course you choose). 
Being able to offer these payment options opens up...

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New Free Webinars Announced - A Jennifer Young Lockdown

news Nov 05, 2020

Free Wednesday webinars - it’s a lockdown tradition

I wasn’t expecting that – were you? I don’t have the words to express my sadness as wellness closes again.
In accordance with a longstanding lockdown tradition, join me for a natter every lockdown Wednesday 1400 - 1500.
The topics and sign up links are below.
I hope to see you for webinar Wednesdays – sign up soon as places filled fast during lockdown 1.
11 November 2020 1400 - 1500 
Question and Answer

Ask me anything. The previous webinar series covered a myriad of topics, including specialist skincare, appearance related side effects of treatment for cancer, risk assessment, control of cross infection and therapeutic ingredients. You can ask me anything about any or all of these topics and more. I might not answer if you get too personal, but you can ask.

This live webinar has passed. It will be available as a recorded session soon. 
18 November...

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Why choose an accredited course?

news Oct 30, 2020

Last week we told you about who accredited our online and face to face courses. 

Now the question is, why should you care?

When I started creating our Post Graduate Diploma Courses I didn’t know very much about accreditation or accrediting bodies. I was a member of a few professional bodies but probably couldn’t have articulated my reasons for joining. As I created courses I discovered the joys of accreditation and approval and have come to value the process enormously. If you are not so familiar with the different types of qualifications and providers, read on…..

 The Jennifer Young Training School offers accredited and approved courses only. We do not offer courses that are not accredited or approved by an independent professional body. Accreditation and approval are important to therapists and training providers alike. When working in a relatively new field with a vulnerable client group: third party verification is vital. It...

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Understanding how breast surgery can affect your clients

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2020

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on how therapists can begin to understand what their clients with cancer may be going through. Most importantly, we want therapists to be able to support their clients in many ways, not solely through touch therapies. 

Breast cancer treatment can be of various types, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, medication or surgery. Surgery can include lymph node removal, lumpectomy, mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Each type of treatment option will have different follow up care in terms of physiotherapy, and guidance from your therapist must always be followed. For example, reconstructive surgery may have used a muscle called Latisimus Dorsi, and therefore the patient may have specific strengthening exercises to help recover from this. Physiotherapy falls into several key areas following treatment, and these include exercise, skin care, posture correction and lymphoedema treatment/ prevention. Simple...

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Who are our Spa partners?

news Oct 29, 2020

We are honoured to work with some of the biggest spa and hotels across the country. Working with these spas means that we get to offer Jennifer Young treatments in gorgeous settings with highly trained staff, all dedicated to care and relaxation. 

You may recognise a few names on this list. 

We work with the fantastic...

...and many many more. 

If you would like to join the Jennifer Young Training School as a spa or salon, and train multiple therapists at once, leave your details in our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch. 

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Help through quarantine

newsletter Oct 28, 2020

Help through quarantine

Yesterday was my last day in quarantine. I have been climbing the walls. Never again will I give everyone a lift to Volleyball (10 journeys a week is the alternative to masked lift sharing with the windows open).

My weeks of relative isolation have been improved by Zoom. As the ten thousand gifts projects comes to an end, I have been fortunate enough to hear from some of the recipients. Here we speak to Anastasia from Liverpool Cancer Mummies



 And, as always, listening to others gives me a sense of perspective, quarantine for me is nothing to worry about. My job is a gift.



Some of the videos are super helpful to you therapists, and to anyone you know who has been diagnosed. There are loads of them (quarantine is long and slow and I have Netflix nausea), the team are barely speaking to me as whilst I record and edit, I am refusing to brand (or ‘tart’ we as call it).

Hopefully we will add them to the blogs in the...

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'Disclaimers' - is it a word you should avoid?

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020

Disclaimers, consent, discrimination, insurance, liability...all words that put dread into the health and beauty world. Even without a pandemic, therapists and business owners alike sometimes struggle to navigate these words and how they apply to their work. 

During a chat about vulnerable clients and COVID-19, our founder, Jennifer Young was joined by insurance expert Alison Livings and employment lawyer Jude Hogarth to discuss how to treat these kinds of clients in the current climate. 

There was some laughs along the way, alongside some very important conversations about the topics plaguing everyone's mind. Take a look at the sneak peek in the video.

Take a look at all that was discussed amongst this panel of experts by joining our Discrimination in Wellness learning area - these ladies really know what they are talking about. 

Sign up here: Join Discrimination in Wellness 

Don't forget about our Control of Cross Infection in a Post-COVID-19 World ...

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Hear from a cancer patient - Meet Vicky

client and therapist Oct 23, 2020

We hear so many stories over here at the Jennifer Young Training School of cancer patients being turned away from spas and salons as some therapists don't have the knowledge to treat them safely and effectively. It breaks our heart. Our mission is to educate as many people as we can so the industry becomes a more inclusive and inviting place for those suffering with cancer. 

Oncology Massage treatments can help with so much more than relaxation. But don't just take our word for it. In the video above, Vicky gives her account of how a Jennifer Young Treatment helped her feel "cocooned and pampered". 

Vicky does some incredible work in the cancer community, she is the founder of True Cancer Bodies, as well as being a busy mum and business owner, all this while having being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She is an all-round superhero. 

Being able to give help in any way to people like Vicky is why we do what we do. To some its just a massage, to some it is...

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