Your plan for professional development in the new year

business insights & tips Dec 27, 2021

During the festive season we are taught to think about New Year’s resolutions - to plan to do something self-improving in a few weeks’ time. For therapists and salon owners, the first few days of the new year are often a battle between balancing your commercial commitments with your self-development commitments. But, as we know, nobody can do everything. Therefore, it might come as relief to know, that when you dedicate your energy to self-development, development in other areas of your life (commercial, professional, personal) often follow close behind.

Right now, we have a little time off. Thanks to the way the holidays have fallen, most businesses are closed for the better part of 10 days. That’s 10 days to think, 10 days to recalibrate, and 10 days to consider the year ahead.

In our well-deserved time off, we can enjoy a period without setting the alarm clock or having to worry about the usual daily tasks, which gives us space for clarity and planning, to set us in good stead for the coming months.

Included in this article are a few practical tips to help you to make a head start.

“Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”
Benjamin Franklin

Starting New Year’s resolutions early

We know that for many therapists, specialist training - specifically oncology touch treatments and the information around them - is something that you really want to be able to take part in. However, the regular working week often gets in the way. Many decide that the New Year is when they will make those plans, but why not get ahead now?

To support spa businesses into 2022, we have done two things to help you finish this year in the way you plan to live out the next.

  1. We have made four of our top webinars free to download.
  2. We have an exclusive offer on our course bundles where you can book two postgraduate diplomas for £500, instead of £700.

Both offers are available until the end of December.

Free webinars over Christmas

Our webinars are aimed at giving you access to some of the background on key topics in the wellness industry, in order to empower and support you and your vulnerable clients. They are usually only available as part of our subscription membership, but we have selected four of our most-watched topics and are giving you free access over the holidays.

Topics available include:

  • An Idiot's Guide To Infection Control Webinar
  • Wellness For Long COVID Webinar
  • Medical And Scientific Jargon Explained Webinar
  • Menopause - The Unexpected Side-Effect Of Treatment For Cancer Webinar


Special offer on course bundles

The offer on our course bundles gives you the chance to access training on our key courses for the exclusive price of £500, so you can develop the skills that you most want to enhance to support vulnerable patients.

Choose any two courses from our list, including:

  • Oncology Massage
  • Lifting & Rejuvenating Facial
  • Oncology Reflexology
  • Balanced Body & Mind
  • Hand, Nail & Foot Treatment



A rest over the holidays is so important, but it’s also an amazing time to let dreams gather momentum and find the headspace to fall back in love with the incredible work that you do. We hope these offers help you on that journey.

Happy holidays.

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