What exercise is recomended by and for those affected by cancer?

breast cancer cancer patient Apr 22, 2021

Diet and exercise - words to strike fear in the heart of many. Both can be challenging and I find, maybe my excuse, but there are is a limit to the number of challenges that can be conquered.

Jo Taylor has always been one to ignore and rise above stereo types, there are so many stories I could tell you about her - if you can completed our specialist training, you may well have heard them.

Jo has been living with secondary cancer for almost as long as I have known her (a long time) and has been active in so many ways throughout. One of those ways is through exercise. 

Jo is my psychological running companion. I am plodder and when the cadence slows, I think of Jo. if she can run (soon after major surgery) so can I.

Here Jo tells us about the research showing the benefits of exercise and the ways in which she encourages cancer patients to help cancer patients.

Over to the gorgeous Jo.



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