What Does Terminal Mean?

Dec 16, 2020

A terminal diagnosis is devastating but it is not the same as end of life. 

I have met many a therapist or spa director who tells me that they welcome those with a terminal diagnosis to their treatments no matter that they, the therapists, don't have specialist training. 

'I can't do any harm so they can have whatever they want'

Whilst I am all for those affected by cancer being welcomed to the spa world and being given a specialist treatment by oncology qualified therapists - I am not so much for a misinterpretation of a medial term leading to standards being dropped.

Here, the fabulous Danielle helps us to understand that a terminal diagnosis can mean living a 'normal' life.

There is no excuse for not welcoming those affected by cancer to your spa, clinic or rooms but having a terminal diagnosis is not an excuse to welcome them without caring for their future well-being. Many with such a label, do have a future and we want it to be filled with wellness.


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