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What are you doing for World Menopause Day?

hormonal wellness mentor and coach diploma menopause menopause awareness menopause support Oct 20, 2022

It was World Menopause Day on 18th October highlighting the 13 million women in the UK who need support. So, how can you use World Menopause Day to support your clients?

 Why spas have an important role supporting women in menopause

Menopause is becoming a bit of a buzzword. We have gone from a space less than 12 months ago where the term itself was considered unusable in polite company, to a world in which John Lewis features menopause as part of their marketing messaging (menopause is 'the ultimate sleep thief', opt for an Eco Mattress with 1,200 pocket springs for all-night comfort).

The prevalence of the word menopause is fantastic for women's wellbeing, but where the market is thin on the ground is providing evidence-based support for the unwanted symptoms of menopause. Sleeplessness, hot flushes, anxiety - and more than 30 other recognised side effects of hormonal change, all have an impact on women's lives and for the most part the solution they are pointed towards is HRT.

While hormone replacement therapy is great for some, it's not the only solution and market research shows that there's a large number of women who are seeking alternative solutions. For spas, this is an important space to step into for the ethical and supportive reasons that drive our industry forwards.

However, it's also important to understand the public mood when it comes to menopause, as part of the ongoing desire for a more personal approach to spa treatments and the gap that they fill in the health service. This meaningful, impactful space is essential for the commercial and reputational sustainability of the spa industry and its individual businesses.


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The menopause stats spas need to know

In all spa businesses there is a balance to be had between commercial enterprise and the heartfelt desire to bring therapeutic relief to clients. These two things are not mutually exclusive. Meeting market needs is an essential part of supporting clients whilst also remaining relevant to customers and clients. It's not a question of jumping on the bandwagon but recognising where we can add value.

With that in mind, these stats are eye opening for any spa wishing to target the needs of spas more

Roughly one in 100 women experience symptoms before the age of 40
Internet searches for the term ‘menopause’ have doubled since 2004
90% of women experience symptoms of menopause
Menopause symptoms interfere with 85% of women’s lives, 12% experience debilitating symptoms
Three in five women claim the menopause has had a negative impact on them at work


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A personalised approach to wellness

The personalisation of wellness has been emerging in recent years. Global events have made individuals more aware of their own wellbeing and measures that can be taken to look after it on an ongoing basis. Most treatments are more prescriptive than they were, but what has become more widely recognised is the need to move away from one-size-fits-all models of providing therapies. We have to be able to adapt for individual needs. Nowhere has that been more prevalent than in the world of oncology spa treatments, where specialist knowledge is essential for providing safe therapies.

When it comes to menopause, it is not a question of causing physical harm without specialist knowledge, but without the right knowledge we can’t provide optimum benefits either. The mental as well as physical wellbeing of women during menopause is vulnerable - this enormous period of change can cause anxiety, depression and a lack of confidence. The combination of understanding how to talk to women in menopause as well as products and movements that proactively improve unwanted symptoms of menopause is a game changing option that most women don't realise is even a possibility.

Those who adopt this specialist approach are in a position to offer something meaningful on an ongoing basis for this enormous and underserved market. Perhaps something that's only truly understood by women who have been through menopause themselves, it can be isolating and confusing - knowing there is some relief is something that most of us will prioritise when it comes to our wellbeing, helping us to get through the working day as well as our personal lives in a positive way.

I am often surprised how many spas fail to realise how important their therapists are - the value that they truly deliver to clients. That capacity is, in so many ways, untapped - especially when it comes to the 13 million women in the UK alone who need support.


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