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What are the benefits of hormonal coaching?

coaching hormonal wellness mentor and coach diploma menopause Apr 29, 2022

As you know, this year we launched our diplomas in Hormonal Wellness Mentoring and Coaching for therapists seeking to provide helpful emotional support to clients going through menopause, alongside the physical support they can gain from our Hormonal Wellness Touch Therapies. The question is, what are the benefits of hormonal coaching

Hormonal coaching benefits for your client

Women experience 34 symptoms of menopause during the three stages of menopause. Each woman experiences them differently and with different levels of severity, over what can span a 20 year period.

Those symptoms range from hot flushes to changes in their skin (wrinkles, age spots, a loss of collagen). However, they also include emotional and psychological symptoms as well, which can be just as, if not more distressing. They can range from low moods to extreme brain fog.

Almost all of the women we speak to about their menopause experiences, cite how isolating it can feel. There's a sense that their families and even their doctors don’t understand. More than one woman has told us that she felt as though those around her simply wanted her to go on HRT, and she couldn't explain why it was about much more than that.

It's not all doom and gloom - for lots of women, this period of change can also bring about great excitement and opportunities. The kids have left home or they have achieved a level of stability so that suddenly there's space in their lives to do different things and explore another side of themselves.

The difficulty is, they often don't know who to talk to. That's where therapists have a role to play. We know that providing therapies isn't just about touch - it's a deeper experience than that, and many people feel that they can and want to talk to their therapist during a treatment.

What we have found is that delivering therapies to women during menopause is about understanding them, their needs and listening with empathy. Coaching gives you the tools to do that, enhancing and adding enormous value to the experience clients have when they come to you.


Hormonal coaching benefits for spa therapists

For spa therapists, the benefits of hormonal coaching are twofold:

In conjunction with Hormonal Wellness Touch Therapies, coaching allows you to create a higher value spa experience targeting a large and underserved market (1.5 million women in the UK are at menopause).
It helps you to make sure you have the tools you need to look after your clients, but also look after yourself.

The emotional burden that therapists take on when they listen to their clients meaningfully can be draining, especially when you have a busy schedule. It comes from the fact that we want to help, so the way to do that without burning out is to make sure we are not trying to provide support where we don't have the appropriate tools.

Interested in adding hormonal coaching to your skillset? Find out more about our dedicated course for supporting menopausal women on the link below.


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