Running a business is a tough gig

spa business Apr 15, 2021

Does the to do list never end?   We can help

It’s a tough job running a business, therapists, even the self-employed, especially the self-employed have a business to run. The job list is long – finding clients (marketing), keeping clients (marketing), learning (training), communicating (design) and managing the books (a nightmare).

Little wonder that many, oh so many, of you tell me that you would like an online shop but don’t have the time and resources.

Charities told us the same thing. Charity donations were down to a trickle as a result of lockdown, an online revenue was possible but the technology and buying items for stock was expensive, and then they needed someone to despatch the product.

We wondered if we could do anything to make online sales accessible to those who don’t have an online shop  - and, true to form, we found a way.

Allow me to introduce our micro store. I never would have believed we could do this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. The Micro Store gives anyone with a website a fully functional shop.


Here is how it works


  1. We give you some computer code to put into the workings of your website (this is something a web developer can do if you can’t do it yourself . It will take less than a minute.
  2. You have a fully functioning shop on your website
  3. Your customers stay on your website and their data is protected
  4. They make a purchase, using a part of our checkout that is dedicated to you
  5. We get details of the sale so that we can despatch to your customer
  6. You get details of the sale so that you know who has bought what, and, most importantly, you know we owe you money
  7. We pay you the monies owed from the sales every quarter.


Here are some examples of where it works

St Mary’s Hospice Birmingham

The Skin Trainer


Jodi, The Skin Trainer,  says

 ‘I knew I needed to offer my clients products as well as being able to give them fabulous treatments and advice. Setting up an ecommerce site is expensive and complex. I spent most of England’s lockdowns battling with technology whilst paying the monthly subscriptions to the site I was trying to use. It was hard and frustrating.


The Jennifer Young Micro Store was sorted within an afternoon. There are no set up costs, Jennifer doesn’t charge for the code and I have somewhere that my clients can buy online, from me. It is magnificently easy. I wish Jennifer had developed it sooner. ‘


We have limited numbers of micro stores available – please get in touch if you would like us to consider you for an online collaboration.


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