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"Training in cancer touch therapies has enhanced my business and improved my confidence"

Jan 29, 2021

After having cancer herself, skincare specialist, Jodi Holland a.k.a @the_skin_trainer, wanted to enhance her clinic to support anyone with or beyond cancer and help debunk the myth that anyone living with or beyond cancer can’t experience safe spa therapies. Here, she explains which Jennifer Young courses she did and how it’s made a difference to her business.

Which Jennifer Young training courses did you do and why?

I did the Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology Essential Crystal Scalp and Facial Therapy. I was already qualified in oncology massage and I used to teach, but now that I have started my own business, predominantly focusing on skincare, I wanted to increase and update my knowledge.

I am post-cancer myself and I want to offer treatments and products that everyone can access, whether they’re pregnant women, teenagers or anyone with cancer. I want it to be about inclusive beauty, and importantly, to build people’s confidence. I know what it’s like when your skin looks sallow and how I felt using the Jennifer Young products.

In particular, while I was going through treatment, I was cold capping to help prevent hair loss. I was told that I couldn’t have scalp massage, which is probably one of the things you most want at that time, so that really attracted me to the course.

I was introduced to Jennifer Young through Million Dollar Facial. I was using their range throughout my treatment as it’s vegan and paraben free, and then I trained with them just after I received my diagnosis. It was a real change from being told all the things that you can’t use, which is what it had always been about when I originally trained as a therapist. It was so refreshing.

What did you find helpful?

 It was the focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do that was a revelation. Doing the training with Jennifer, hearing her background and understanding her knowledge of both law and science were incredibly helpful. To be able to explain the science behind using products and treatment protocols safely is wonderful, and to offer more than just a basic treatment with the incorporation of the crystals makes it very special. I also like the fact that it brings self-care and wellness into treatments that allow clients to feel that it’s ok to want to look nice as well as feel nice. 

Was there anything that surprised you?

I was very well prepared from a personal perspective and I had researched the course beforehand. Having done one course, I then decided to do more of the online training, especially during Covid and including the Infection Control and Risk Assessment to help my clients and I feel more confident post-Covid. I really enjoyed having access to that amount of knowledge and all those online resources in lockdown were a lifeline.

Has the training improved your confidence?

It has definitely improved my confidence in my own knowledge. I understand positioning better, but it’s the product knowledge, including the ingredients, that has really made the difference. It’s a real gift to be able to support people when they’re going through a hard time but knowing that the products make a tangible difference to skincare issues is also so important. I was surprised at just how effective the Beauty Despite Cancer products are in soothing the damage that chemo can cause to skin and nails.

Are you diversifying or changing your business at all in 2021?

As we can’t currently do touch therapies, I am offering virtual consultations and then either drop shipping or hand delivering suitable products for people. I find that there’s something that fits every budget. I tend to advise a mini facial kit using sample sized products and then if the customer likes the products then they can purchase full-sized versions.

When things are back to normal, I have a cabin in the garden for touch treatments. However, I am still going to offer some online sessions as I think people like having that option. I also want to continue doing Jennifer’s online sessions. 

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