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The power of a therapist community 

community therapist training Jul 20, 2022

Working as a therapist is a demanding job, and the realities of that are often overlooked when it comes to providing support systems. We offer standalone courses at Jennifer Young, but we also offer courses as part of ongoing membership programmes and we like to maintain communication with therapists who train with us. The reason for that isn't just marketing and communicating new courses - it's about community.

No one understands the demands of being a therapist quite like another therapist. We saw this in particular during the pandemic - a chronic lack of understanding about the job meant that many therapists felt isolated, frustrated about the restrictions and even fearful about returning to the workplace. 

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Why therapists need support to support clients properly

In treating vulnerable clients, our role as therapists is magnified in all ways. On the one hand we can see the beneficial impact of our work even more than we can with anyone else. However, the job can also be more emotionally demanding, and it can leave us with more questions about how to support the people who come to us.

Formal training in the form of courses and qualifications is an essential part of being a therapist, but so too is learning by osmosis and talking to our peers. For younger therapists and those new to the industry, talking to those who have worked in it for a long time is a golden opportunity to enhance the less tangible elements of the job - the things you can't learn in the classroom. 

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Being part of a community, at work or at home is an essential part of our individual wellbeing - feeling supported, connected, bonded. It can help us set our individual goals and feel more fulfilled in the things we do. It can also help us to feel more motivated at work on the days when we're not quite feeling it.

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Being part of a therapist community 

We have developed a community of 3,500,000+ people at Jennifer Young, spanning 11,600+ and 200+ countries. We communicate regularly via our various channels, and we're always here to make connections and provide support. 

We introduce free courses when necessary (for example, we offered a cross-infection control course during the pandemic to help therapists returning to work). We also have our Platinum Membership at the other end of the spectrum. It provides unlimited, on-demand access to all 14 Jennifer Young Postgraduate Diplomas and educational materials. Most importantly, we encourage questions, conversation and the ongoing sharing of knowledge. 

The therapist community is powerful and important for supporting the nation's health, but your wellbeing is as essential as anyone else's - and together we can help support that too.

With our new hormone balancing treatments we have introduced Hormonal Wellness Coaching and Mentoring alongside touch therapies.  The purpose is to help give therapists the emotional tools to support clients going through menopause. You can find out more on the link below.


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