The Jennifer Young Training School partners with Urban

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Urban’s a great way to earn on your own terms in London, Manchester and Birmingham. Here’s some of the benefits of partnering with them:


With no minimum or maximum required hours, you get to choose the areas of the city you work in and how many hours to add each week. It’s a great way to support another career, studies or family responsibilities.


Urban find the clients, schedule them in and take care of payments. They offer 7 days a week support, and their easy use app means you only need to tell them when you’re free to work.

New joiners have been taking home up to £4,500 in their first 4 weeks. Urban pros keep 75% of booking costs, plus 100% of tips.

Protection & Rewards

With Urban, you have access to injury pay, sick pay and compassionate leave. 

If joining Urban sounds like something that would work with your lifestyle, click to apply.

Offering Oncology massage

As well as the classics like deep tissue and sports massage, after increased demand throughout the pandemic, Urban are set to launch a brand new Oncology Massage. If you’re already qualified through The Jennifer Young Training School you’ll be able to start offering Oncology Massage as soon as it launches.

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