Steamy Autumn Soup - gluten-free and vegan

Oct 26, 2021

Who knew that my pic of my home-made steamy autumn soup would trigger such interest? I am a creator of recipes – I make most things up as I go along, the ingredients depend upon what is in the fridge and the creation is determined by the amount of time that I have available.


As requested – here is the recipe for my Steamy Autumn Soup. Feel free to add and amend (today I suspect I will replace the tempeh with fish and spice it up with chilli, ginger  and lemongrass, using coriander instead of spinach.


Share your creations and variations. I’d love to see them.


1 onion chopped big

2 handfuls of woodland mushrooms

Garlic to taste

Loads of spinach

100g tempeh chopped into cubes

1 gluten free stock cube

A glug of olive oil

Black pepper or chilli or both

Boiling Water



Heat the oil

Add the onion and garlic

Make those babies sweat and brown

Add the mushrooms

Repeat step 2

Add the stock cube and stir

Add some boiling water (the more you add the more watery your soup, the less you add the more stew like it becomes)

Add the spinach

Leave to boil for a few mins


Serve with black pepper


Tempeh is a Javanese food made from fermented soy beans. It arrives in blocks that are easy to chop. I use it as vegan protein. You can order online if, like me, you live a long way from the tempeh shop.


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