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We now offer payment plans for our touch therapy courses

news Nov 12, 2020

There's been a lot going on a JYHQ over the past week. With the second national lockdown in full force, we've been considering how best to help our therapists adjust to the challenges it poses. 

Our solution? Education.

As you're probably aware, over the summer we moved all of our touch therapy learning online to make sure that even while salon doors were closed, therapists could still expand their knowledge. It was a huge success, and the number of Jennifer Young trained therapists continues to grow. 

With spas, salons and treatment rooms closing their doors for the second time, we know finances are at the forefront of everyone's minds. That is why we are happy to announce that the Jennifer Young Training School now offers payment plan options on our touch therapy courses. These finance options are completely interest free, and between £50 and £75 per month (depending on which course you choose). 
Being able to offer these payment options opens up the ability to help cancer patients to more dedicated therapists than ever before. 

Take a look at our different courses here, either pay in full or join a payment plan, its all up to you. 


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