"Learning has shown me I want to make Oncology Massage the focus of my practice"

Jan 15, 2021
Credit: Aquarius Therapies

Having done the Jennifer Young postgraduate diplomas in Balanced Body and Mind, Oncology Massage, the Essentials Facial and Hand, Nail and Foot Treatments, therapist Anna Garnett was inspired to learn more. By accessing free courses throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and combining that with the advanced diplomas, it has allowed her to deliver the care that she wants to provide to clients. It has also given clear direction for the way she wants her practice as a therapist to develop, specialising in oncology massage and treatments. 

What inspired you to do the Jennifer Young courses in the first place? 

"When I first trained as a therapist, we were told you couldn’t touch cancer patients, which I didn’t think was fair. I felt some of the contraindications were flawed, so when I discovered Jennifer Young and her courses, I was thrilled to be able to learn what I needed to. A treatment is a beautiful thing to give someone who’s going through such a hard time.

I did some research myself in preparation for the courses, as instructed, and was amazed to learn that there is actually no research to show that light touch massage has any adverse effects on cancer patients. I thought, ‘at last, the taboo can be broken!’"

Which free courses did you choose to do and why?

"During lockdown, I attended Jennifer's webinars, and I did the free Cancer Awareness course, as well as the Control of Cross infection in a Post Covid-19 World qualification, to improve my knowledge. These, in particular, have given me the tools to reopen my practice with confidence post lockdown, with all the cross-infection controls in place.

My plan is to do other courses as well and I know I want to specialise in oncology massage because it’s such a gift to be able to offer to anyone experiencing cancer, and it also helps you to tailor and adapt treatments to other peoples’ needs as well."

What did you find helpful about the courses?

"I think first and foremost, it was like opening a door to all the information I had been craving. What Jennifer Young has achieved is miraculous. She has transformed the lives of so many people, and given them the pampering, relaxation and healing they deserve.

On a practical note, the courses have helped me to expand my client base greatly now that I have the opportunity to help people with cancer as well as everybody else. Most of my clients come from Facebook and recommendations, which is often because oncology massage isn’t available elsewhere, and more often than not they become repeat clients.

Getting to know Jennifer Young has also introduced me to all the wonderful products she has created that are great for everyone to use. I love them all. I have used the Beauty Despite Cancer products on myself, as well as my oncology clients. I also use her moisturisers and Beyond Beauty Morning Treatment."

Is there anything that’s surprised you?

"It’s amazing how relaxing the gentle massage is for clients and how much of benefit it provides. As a therapist, the whole routine is a joy to give as well. There’s very little pressure, it’s just lovely and soothing and I feel relaxed doing it! My skin loves the products too!"

What feedback have you had so far from your clients?

"So far, it’s been great. They all enjoy the treatments and feel relaxed afterwards. One lady said she slept for the first time in a long while without being in pain. Another had somehow a deep tissue massage elsewhere during her cancer treatment, which had left her in pain, so she was obviously nervous. However, we had a chat and she had the massage and she was thrilled. She’d had pain in her shoulder beforehand, but it had gone afterwards and now she’s looking forward to coming back."

Anna is currently still expanding her oncology treatment range, currently taking on our Indian Head Massage Diploma, as well as being our very first Platinum Membership holder. 

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*Photo credit: Aquarius Therapies


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